Morgan Verdi editor-in-chief [email protected] Gillan Mills-Bishop is USU Eastern’s new director of food services. When you first meet him you can catch a slight accent that’s because Bishop is originally from Scotland. He came to the U.S. eight years ago.
Posted Wednesday, October 29, 2014 - 10:37pm
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The Utah State University Eastern women’s basketball team traveled to Salt Lake on the evening of October 20th for their first Jamboree and games of the season. The team was allowed to go home, in personal cars Thursday evening, instead of driving on the buses Friday morning with the coaches. One of the groups driving unfortunately did not make it home safely.
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The remodeling of the Geary Theatre almost started immediately when a light switch started on fire shortly after a performance of “Les Miserables” ended on Oct. 22. Corey Ewan, Brett Innes and a half dozen students were leaving through the front of the Geary Theatre lobby about 11:30 p.m. when someone smelled smoke. Ewan and Innes traced the smoke to the ticket office where they saw sparks and smoke coming from a light switch.
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With Halloween approaching, we tend as a culture, to gravitate towards fear and things that produce fear. I am no different. I heard theater majors tell of the haunting of Geary Theatre. They recalled the tales of their late nights working there and experiences with the supernatural.
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The College of Southern Nevada announced on Oct. 22 they will be adding a collegiate volleyball team to their athletic program. Coyote volleyball begins its first season, this upcoming 2015-2016 school year. Adding volleyball to their athletic program now makes a total three-varsity sports participating at the NJCAA Division 1 level in the Scenic West Athletic Conference (SWAC) for CSN.
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It feels really weird to be writing this as I know that before this hits the press, baseball season will be over and either the Kansas City Royals or the San Francisco Giants will be crowned as World Series champions. Either way, it is something that must be written for it is absolutely true. I have completely re-fallen in love with America’s pastime. It is no secret to those around me that for the past decade or so (as a side note that makes me sound really old), baseball and I have had a shaky relationship.
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The lady Eagles added two more wins the past two weekends by defeating North Idaho College and Colorado Northwestern Community College. The team put up a good fight against College of Southern Idaho, falling short. The ladies are 3-5 in season, fighting to secure their position of fourth place in conference. During their first match on the Oct. 17-18 weekend, USU Eastern faced CSI, the third highest ranked team in the country. CSI defeated the Eagles 24-26, 11-25, 21-25.
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So far we have discovered the origins of the cosmos as well as the origins of life on Earth; however I’d like to take a break before we begin the next series in evolution and discuss why science matters. Why do I engage so deeply with science? That’s a question worth exploring and in the end, hopefully you will understand why I do what I do.
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Students interested in starting a business need to stop by the Workforce Services Building to talk to Ryan Murray. As of January 2014, Ryan Murray took on the position of the Director of the Small Business Development Center and Custom Fit. Murray is originally from Davis County, but moved to Price from Tooele where he worked as the director of the Tooele Small Business Development Center. Graduating from Westminster, Murray earned his undergrad degree in finance and his MBA in entrepreneurship.
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A local historian will discuss writing about Southeastern Utah at the second annual Local Authors Night at the USU Eastern Library on Thursday, Nov. 6 at 7 p.m. Tom McCourt, author of six books highlighting Southeastern Utah, has been featured in numerous publications. He has written about the Robbers Roost outlaws; Cass Hite: Utah’s legendary explorer, prospector and pioneer; White Canyon, the little town at the bottom of Lake Powell; a history of Moab, Nine-Mile Canyon; and a soldier’s story.
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Thumbs Up: The lounge in the library Grill open till late The remodel of the library Library has great hours! The staff lounge at the library Thumbs Down: The construction on campus Closing of ESL Parking in the Pit in the middle of the day Need more big beanbags at library The blue carpet at the library
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The wonderful world of college, the freedom, the friendships and, of course, the dreaded freshman 15. We’ve all heard of it. We’ve all feared it, and now it’s instantly upon us. Now, this isn’t to say everyone that comes to college gets a major case of depression and stress plus gets fat, but how do students stay healthy when they barley have time to think?
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STEM; that was all there was to me when I first attended this institution of higher learning. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) were the things I held most dear, and the things I wanted to pursue for the rest of my life. I was aware of the liberal arts and like all students, I was forced to take a few classes in them and dreaded the fact that I couldn’t focus just on my major in the STEM fields. I enjoyed my time in those classes and even did fairly well in them.
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