Two Utah State University Eastern debaters made it to the semi-final round at Arizona State’s Sun Devil Classic Oct. 14-16 in Tempe, Ari., where they lost to the team from the City College of San Francisco. In one of the largest policy debate tournaments, Eastern’s two-man team of Kevin Vanderspek and Klever Barrezueta defeated teams from California State University at Northridge, San Francisco State and United States Military to finish third seed in the Arizona Tournament. Their sole loss came at the hands of Ana Comesena and Daniel Brylawski in the semi-final round Oct. 16.
Posted Wednesday, October 19, 2016 - 6:52pm
Utah State University in Logan and USU Eastern in Price made news in recent years with how the sexual assault allegations were handled on campuses. The Logan campus is examining and potentially revising the sexual assault complaint and investigative processes, as well as develop a campus climate survey to gauge students’ attitudes and understanding of sexual assault. This will be submitted to the Sexual Violence Task Force, headed by Executive Vice President and Provost Noelle Cockett.
Posted Wednesday, October 19, 2016 - 6:05pm
This season’s elections have been frightening for many and intense for all. For over a year, businessman Donald Trump has been throwing out controversial ideas while former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been defending her controversial career.
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The library’s display of various Steampunk items and information on what steam punk is. “Our library director, Lori Brassaw came to me this summer, and asked if I would do a display on ‘Steampunk.’ I am assigned to the displays in the Library and change them on a monthly basis, with the help of our student supervisors. I decided to show this display in October because the movement itself is very costume oriented and I hoped it would go along with the month that most people seem to love to ‘dress up’ in costumes,” Library Manager Aimee Lauritsen said.
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Roman James McKnight was born in Denver Colo., and is a forward for this year’s USU Eastern men’s basketball team. His journey, like many of the players, was one of a lot of hard work and one that many are unwilling to take. When McKnight was 8 his family decided to move to Orem, Utah, where he would grow up for the remainder of his youth. It was there where he continued to grow his love for the game of basketball.
Posted Thursday, October 20, 2016 - 3:36pm
Beating it’s three-game- losing streak, the Eagles had a solid two weeks competing against Salt Lake Community College, College of Southern Idaho and defeating Colorado Northwestern Community College.
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A transfer athlete from Northwest College hopes to bring his athleticism to Eastern as he seeks a region championship Mikoel Alexander Cutler, otherwise known as “Koel,” was born in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He has played basketball seriously since he was in eighth grade and has now become a passion of his.  He went to Socastee High School in South Carolina where he performed well. One of his greatest games was against the best team in South Carolina where he scored 40 points and the defender that he was scoring on is now playing at the University of Texas. 
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Photography students from Jason Huntzinger’s beginning photo class spent Oct. 6 in Goblin Valley State Park documenting the spectacular beauty and formations. Huntzinger said, “Goblin Valley is a unique and amazing geological phenomenon that is only a two- hour drive from our campus. It is a great photographic exercise to see everything in your composition because there is so much material, and a challenge to be selective about what to include in your frame.”
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In the spirit of Halloween, I created a creepy recipe for everyone. I made a variant of chocolate molten cake, but instead of filling them with chocolate sauce, they have a blood-red pudding inside. I used a homemade tapioca pudding, because I liked the lumpy appearance it had. However, any pudding that you can dye red will work. Because it is so important to keep these cakes in one piece, the tin needs to be greased and floured. This will greatly decrease the chances of them sticking and being ripped opened.
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There has always been debate over the existence of ghosts. But fortunately for Utah State University Eastern students, they can find out themselves. Carbon County is moderately famous for its ghosts. There are plenty of them, but none more famous than the White Lady. If there is anything known about the area, it’s coal mining. And in 1927 the first mine popped up in Spring Canyon. Two more followed trying to keep up with demand from Salt Lake. For the longest time the state’s best coal came out of Spring Canyon. This is where the legend of the White Lady lives.
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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are the resident expert, the only person who can make the decision and provide solutions to any number of problems? I recently found myself in just such a predicament where I came to the gut-wrenching realization that I was overwhelmingly unqualified for the task at hand, parenthood. I have three children, that’s not much of an accomplishment in itself, they’re not terribly difficult to make, however, getting them from birth to adulthood physically intact and emotionally stable is another issue entirely.
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USUE is a great campus in Carbon County. Many students enjoy the campus and the management of it. Some of us heard the university needs to increase the number of the students enrolled here. Here in Price city, we have a two a three high School that provide a great number of the students to his university. A few strategies could be implemented to attract even more students each semester.
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It was a fateful day in January 2009, when Barrack Obama walked on the stage to be inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States. Now eight years later, Obama’s legacy is coming to a close. During his presidency, President Obama has had to fight wars, rebuild an economy, deal with the most unproductive Congress in history, push equality, enact reforms and unite the nation. While he is a controversial figure in today’s politics, history will eventually remember Obama as one of the greatest presidents of all time.
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