Four student athletes were caught in Sessions Residence Hall on Thursday, Jan. 22, at 12:30 a.m. with alcohol on their persons. The students involved were reported to student services office. USU Eastern campus police, Price City police department and Carbon County Sheriffs Office responded to the incident. Greg Dart, vice chancellor over enrollment management, said, “We take our student code of conduct very seriously. Part of that is a zero tolerance policy for alcohol and drugs on campus.
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Every year, USU Eastern sponsors a fan appreciation event celebrating USU Eastern fans as they show their support at a home basketball game. Huge prizes are given away and excitement fills the BDAC gym on these evenings. The 2015 Fan Appreciation Night is Thursday, Feb. 5. The women’s game starts at 5:30 p.m. and the men’s game at 7:30 p.m. The home games are against Eastern’s closest rival, Snow College.
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A fugitive who escaped a prison in Mississippi 34 years ago and turned up in Carbon County last week, had his art work exhibited in USU Eastern’s Gallery East in November 2014. Sam Gene Harris was arrested Thursday at his home in Wellington, where he had lived under the name Wayne Edward Stevens, according to Carbon County Sheriff Jeff Wood. The sheriff said when he arrested Harris that he said you’ve got the wrong man. Harris’ (Stevens’) fingerprints verified that he was Sam Gene Harris. He’s been living there for 23 years right under everybody’s noses, Wood said.
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Chia Yin Christina Lee, a trilingual USUE student who is honest, hardworking, and devoted to all her endeavors in life, is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Lee is from Taiwan, but when she was young, her family moved to Hong Kong. She has two younger sisters that she is close to. Lee’s main hobby is playing the violin and has played six years She would like to use her talent as a violinist to play in an orchestra.
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An Athlete that influenced and guided me throughout my sports career is my mom, Rebecca Steel. She is a country girl from a small town in Southern Idaho. She looked up to her older brother and his teammates. “Because they were three years older, she watched every game from the time I was in fifth grade.” She also looked up to Michael Jordan and Pat Summit. She attended American Falls High School, in American Falls, Idaho, during high school she averaged over 22 points a game. Her high record was 44 points in one game.
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Hamdi Karoui was born in Paris, France, where he lived his entire life until coming to Utah State University Eastern fall 2014 to play basketball. His father, Moez, is from Tunisia and his mother, Delphine, is from France; Karoui has double nationality. Karoui is the oldest of two siblings; his sister is 18 years old and his younger brother is 15. His parents divorced three years ago and he lived most of his life with his father. In 2013, Karoui joined the Trappes, a third division team in the French basketball league, since then he lived on his own.
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The second leg of the Scenic West Athletic Conference found the Lady Eagles struggling as two road trips resulted in only one win.
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Dear Bridgette, Science can be unbelievably frustrating. Not to discourage you from the pursuit, but on the list of most thankless jobs an argument can be made for the No. 1 position. To be great requires the utmost dedication and perseverance. Making what you study the primary focus in life and sincerest passion is exactly how the greats change the world. Far more often than not, great discoveries and contributions are overlooked, especially if credit is due to a woman scientist.
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Every one of us experiences changes in our lives in one way or another. Whether it be small like switching up your daily routine, or large like moving away from home, we deal with change on a daily basis. Since being crowned Miss USU Eastern in November, I have been asked multiple times what I want to change while holding this title. At first I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to change, but as I’ve began promoting my platform, it’s helped me realize what change I hope to bring this year.
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Sheila Burghardt was the first woman in Utah to have a job position as a campus facilities manager. She worked as the only woman in Utah with that position for years until two years ago when Dixie State University and Snow College had women take the role as well.
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I’ve made a lot of big decisions lately, and after thinking them over, I’ve decided to make another: I’m bidding my misery farewell and choosing to be happy. It’s a decision I’ve made before, and one that took me too long to make again. The first time, after dealing with constant disappointment, frustration and heartache, I realized how sick I was of being sad. Again, after facing relentless loneliness, dissatisfaction and hurt, I’ve recognized how little being miserable fits me.
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Never miss an opportunity to talk about safety… a cautionary tale. Seat belts, many people swear by them and others are adamantly against them. Most have good reasons and some give the outlandish excuse that they are uncomfortable. Comfort or not, seat belts save more lives than they kill. I’m here to tell you the tale of one such event where a seat belt saved my life over the holiday break.
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Recently, a movie came out portraying the life and deeds of American Sniper Chris Kyle. The movie tells of Kyle, former Navy SEAL, and his journey from ordinary Texas cowboy to the most deadly sniper in American history. This is a story of a true American hero and his recent onslaught of ridicule and slander by media sources, a popular film maker and everyday people. These people do not know Kyle personally so they do not know of his deeds or the reasoning behind them.
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