USU Eastern’s debate team (College of Eastern Utah) was powerhouse on the regional and national circuit for decades. Under the direction of one of the most renowned debate coaches in the nation for 32 years, Neil Warren, CEU accumulated regional and national recognition.

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Skyler Larson, Travis Tucker, Sean Adams, DaKoda Powell, Arsene Mugisha, Jorge Lascano, Dennis Mendieta Sota, Alex Richens and Kaitlee Kulow take a selfie at USU Eastern’s Hello My Name Is... Dance. The first week of classes, many welcome back activities were held.
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Students without transportation to the Wasatch Front or Southern Utah will now have available daily bus transportation that begins in Blanding and continues to a Salt Lake City hub or the Salt Lake International Airport. The bus service, Elevated Transit, will run a daily route from Blanding to SLC with stops in Monticello, Moab, Green River, Price, Spanish Fork, Provo and SLC. The bus then returns to Blanding on the same route.
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Word on the street is that there are two new teams at USU Eastern. Coach Ammon Bennet says, “They are doing well. They work hard and can’t easily be defeated, but they still need to work. They have learned a lot. They are not stars, but they are committed.”
For their first game of the season, the men’s soccer team put up a good fight up against Adams State University; taking the win 4-0. On their second game they weren’t as lucky but they still did a great job ending the game 0-0.

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In the past seven years, the Cleveland Browns organization drafted three quarterbacks at the No. 22 spot in the first round of the NFL draft. All three quarterbacks showed big promise after having stellar college careers, but so far, neither Brady Quinn nor Brandon Weeden have been able to get the job done. Johnny Manziel, being the third quarterback to be drafted in this spot, has had a lot of pressure to be the answer to all of the Cleveland fan’s prayers.
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USU Eastern’s baseball team looks to keep up their success as they enter the 2014-2015 season. Last season, the Golden Eagle’s ended their regular season at (22-20) before heading to Phoenix, Ari., for regional play. The Golden Eagles managed a winning record that qualified for regional play. Although the Golden Eagles claimed two winning seasons and two playoff spots within the past two years, the players and coaches are looking to show more success and are excited for more opportunity to prove that they are a solid team.
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USU Eastern presents “America in the ‘30s: Prints from the Federal Art Project,” which is part of Utah Arts & Museums’ Traveling Exhibition Program, on display from Sept. 2 through Oct. 2 at Gallery East located in the Old SAC Building.
The prints selected for this exhibit are by artists associated with the California division of the Works Progress Administration. WPA was created in 1935 to provide employment, encouragement, and, in part, support for American artists during the Great Depression.

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A new recruiter joined the ranks of the enrollment team at USU Eastern in April 2014. Agustine Diaz Jr., nicknamed Tino, was hired to fill the position left vacant by Kevin Hurst who moved due to a job opportunity at Zane State, Ohio last fall. Diaz’ parents are from Honduras and Ecuador, but they met after moving to New York, where Diaz grew up. His parents never received much of a formal education, but taught their children that it was important. He was raised in Brooklyn, N.Y., where he attended college and earned his degree in speech communication.
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Aside from being an avid SUN Center member and USU Eastern yell-leader, Ben Bjarnson has taken on the role of this year’s student body president and is prepared with big goals to get involved.
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USU Eastern residential life students in 2013-14 requested that there be a change to some of the policies. Returning this year, it is apparent that some of the popular demand was addressed over the summer. Most of the residents requested that the visitation hours be changed from midnight to a later time. This policy along with several others, has been changed said Jeff Spears, director of housing.

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Thumbs Up: Extended visiting hours at the residence halls Amazing teachers Tuition is great A fantastic newspaper and staff The awesome food at the Golden Grille New set up at student center Thumbs Down: Lack of parking Construction and more construction The BDAC getting flooded Outdated newspaper equipment No radio station Freshmen allowed in Tucker Slow servers
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In America today there is quite a bit of talk against veterans, people who understand what it means to give to something greater than themselves. You might feel as if you are alone. You might feel like no one cares about the pain and hardships you endured. You might feel that it was all for naught. I am here to tell you that at least in our tiny corner of this great country, you are not alone.
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