Terry Johnson, SUN Center director; Associate Professor Carrie Icard, founder of Bread ‘n’ Soup Night; and Gillian Bishop, dining services manager, discuss the final dinner on Nov. 23.
Posted Wednesday, November 18, 2015 - 9:20pm
On Friday, Nov. 6, USU Eastern officials met with faculty where an issue with the university’s color scheme was brought up. The concern over the use of gold in USU Eastern’s brand arose from its conflict with the colors of USU’s flagship campus in Logan which does not contain the color. Since USU Eastern merged with Utah State University in 2010, it has began to follow the “Penn State system” or a structure where a major central university operates campuses across a state or region.
Posted Wednesday, November 18, 2015 - 9:02pm
Student Support Services, the newest TRiO grant program at Utah State University Eastern, is accepting applications from first-generation, low-income or disabled students who are interested in obtaining a four-year degree. The grant brings $1.1 million to the Price campus over the next five years. The goal of the program is to provide personalized tutoring, focused academic advising, career preparation and college success to students who may need additional resources. The program is coming back to USU Eastern after a five-year hiatus.
Posted Wednesday, November 18, 2015 - 9:00pm
At the beginning of November, reports filed of a person(s) shooting a BB gun towards students and at windows in and around the Bunnell-Dmetrich Athletic Center at USU Eastern. While no suspects have been identified, university officials are seeking input by anyone who may have information leading to the perpetrator(s). Vice Chancellor Greg Dart responded immediately to emails;
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Michael Brady is a freshman playing for the USU Eastern men’s soccer team. As a freshman, Brady came in playing for the varsity team as a center defender. Born and raised in West Jordan, Utah, he has three half brothers, a step brother and step sister, and one full blood sister. His mother lives in California and his father resides in Midvale, Utah. Brady’s most attractive trait, “has to be my hair.”
Posted Thursday, November 19, 2015 - 11:28am
Kennedee Tracy gets some air against Northwest College. The women’s team finishes the season with a 10-7-2 record, averaging 1.89 goals per-game. The women’s season ended on Nov. 6 in Westminster, Colo., when they lost 3-0 to Laramie County. 
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On top of that our defense was really lazy we didn’t play to our potential.” USU Eastern’s woman’s basketball team started the season off with a win over Casper College. The win over Casper sparked great enthusiasm towards the women’s season due to that fact that Casper is one of the tougher teams in the NJCAA (National Junior Col- lege Association). Eastern stands at 4-3 in preseason.
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It seems like every Thanksgiving, I hearabout the struggle to finish left over turkey before you are absolutely sick of it. For this article, I have come up with ideas to add variety to turkey so you will not get sick of it. I also came up with a recipe for creamy turkey and biscuits that you can make to use up some of the turkey. If you take this to heart, I want you to beg your parents to let you take as much of the turkey as possible.
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Due to technology, it is easier than ever to communicate. People can share information over vast distances or spread the information amongst a large number of people. With the click of a button, or the tap of a screen, data can be sent anywhere. In years previous, USU Eastern tried various methods of contacting the student body and spreading campus information; however, none have been successful.
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Wagering chips, rolling dice and spinning a roulette wheel were part of USU Eastern’s annual Casino Night on Nov. 5, in the Student Activity Center building. Students were dressed to the occasion with fancy clothes and hairstyles. Upon entrance, coins were given to each student. These coins could be exchanged for tickets for a prize drawing at the end of the event. To win tickets, games were played.
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Dear editor, I want it understood before you read this that there are two factors essential to understanding this op-ed. One, I love the CIB. I love having heat for the first time in 12 years and consistent air conditioning. I even like the design. Two, I am the faculty malcontent, I speak up when no one else does and more often than not when no one actually should speak up. Remember this aspect of this writer’s background.
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It is the middle of November and gamers know what that means; it’s video-game-release month. It’s the time of year when gamers die to get their hands on all the new games, whether it is the new Call of Duty, Bethesda’s newest game or anything else.
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