It’s most sports photographer’s dream to get their photos printed in Sports Illustrated. This week, two professors from USU Eastern can check photos being published in Sports Illustrated off their bucket list now that their photos appeared in the Dec. 1 edition of SI.
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In an attempt to bring up the amount of students enrolled at USU Eastern, a “Four-in-Four” plan was enacted as a goal for the college in 2012. USUE’s goal was to bring the amount of students enrolled to 4,000 in four years. With 1,800 students enrolled when this goal was set, USUE would have to grow at a larger rate than any other university in Utah. If student enrollment grows as planned, it brings multiple benefits to the college and the local community. USUE can offer more classes, extra-curricular activities and events for students to attend.
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USU Eastern’s campus hosts foreign exchange students from various countries. They have become integrated into the community and student body that makes up USUE. With countless friends and plenty of memories, their lives are in Price.
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Utah State University Eastern’s nursing accreditation takes place every eight years, with the Price campus in year two of its most recent accreditation. USU’s Travis Peterson was recently appointed as the head of USU’s new department of Nursing and Health Professions and plans are being developed to further expand the program throughout the state. Peterson said the nursing faculty are working hard to ensure students in Price receive the highest quality education. He is optimistic about the programs being offered at USU Eastern and across the state.
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The dream of any athlete that comes to a two-year college is to continue their athletic career at a four-year school. This dream has come true for many athletes at Utah State University Eastern. Shantaya Strebel continued on to play at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. She is a 5’ 8” junior playing guard for the Wildcats women’s basketball team. The same is true with women’s volleyball, only one continued. Jessica Wilcox attends Montana State University Northern in Havre, Mont. Wilcox is a 6’ middle hitter as a junior.
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Offense sells tickets, defense wins championships and special teams help both tremendously, but never get any love. Sure they are only on the field for kickoffs, punts and field goals, but those can have a tremendous effect on the game. So why don’t we give them more love when they are the group that makes everything possible for the offense and defense?
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Over the past few weeks the women’s basketball team has played six games and come out on top in the end in all but one of those games. They even set a new record at USU Eastern for most consecutive wins, which was seven; this years team took it to eight.
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Student body president Ben Bjarnson is finishing up his first semester as president, and finding the position much harder than he anticipated.
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Holiday season is finally here. Having survived Thanksgiving and in preparation for the Christmas holiday, it is appropriate to discuss something many have a natural discomfort for, embarrassing relatives. What are the holidays for if not recounting the history of your family and their adventures (and misadventures)? So in this final article of this semester, let me tell you the story of your most immediate family members, the primates and how their lives set in motion a domino chain reaction that lead to us.
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Movies are made to make us think about ourselves, humanity, our planet, the universe or any number of important aspects of existence. There are at times in the history of cinema a movie that has the potential to be paradigm shifting. In an age where mass produced special effects are thrown at us for no other reason than to boost the subpar writing or performance in a film, it is all too rare to find one whose effects not only make the picture believable, but plays to the exceptional material it is representing. “Interstellar” is one of those films.
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Dear Editor: During the warmups before the December 11th basketball game with SLCC, USU Eastern’s men’s basketball team wore T-shirts with the words “I Can’t Breathe.” As you know, these words call to mind recent deaths in Ferguson and New York City, express sympathy to the families of those killed, and petition for greater scrutiny of law enforcement’s use of deadly force. After Thursday's game, several persons contacted me to express their disapproval and to call for a formal apology from the College.
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I’m doing it. After all the unkindness, doubt and harshness, I’m taking that first courageous step. It’s a journey 19 years in the making. I’ve had my ups and downs, and laws almighty, I’ve had my doldrums of, “What in the heck am I going to do next year?” I’ve stayed up all night driving myself to the brink of insanity and back, and cried so hard I couldn’t breathe properly. Time and time again I’ve looked in the mirror, taken a deep breath in and walked away frustrated and unsatisfied. I’ve had all those moments and more, but recently I’ve had something else.
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Social media keeps gaining more attention as each year passes. More apps and sites pop up with the intention of connecting people to each other. The idea behind social media is fantastic, the problem though is that people use social media as an excuse to bully and write stupid things. There is a new fad that is fueling the bullying, anonymous posting.
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