Jackie Robinson is known for breaking a lot of barriers, not only in baseball, but culturally as well. He was involved in multiple sports in high school, he played baseball, football, tennis, basketball and ran track. His career continued when he went to college at UCLA where he played baseball, football, basketball, and ran track. After winning multiple athletic awards at UCLA, he decided he wanted to play professional football. Robinson didn’t get far into his professional football career before he was drafted into the army at the beginning of World War II in 1939.
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A majority of the triumphs made during the Civil Rights Movement typically were credited to trailblazers such as Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks. However, it was the efforts of countless average citizens that served as the vehicle for the movement. Each group, in their own right, was crucial to the advancement of the African-American lifestyle. However, it was the impact of sit-ins, freedom rides and marches that truly brought the conflict to the nation’s attention.
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Malcolm X was a civil rights activist who thought that equality is possible if the oppressed are able to defend themselves by any means necessary. According to, Malcolm X was born in Nebraska in 1925. His family was threatened by the KKK, provoking them to move to Michigan. By the Age of six, Malcolm’s father had been murdered and government workers had taken him away from his mother. At twenty-one, X was serving a prison sentence of 10 years. During this time, he found the teaching of Muhammad and it changed his life forever.
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Often times people have trouble distinguishing between greatness in the eyes of society and greatness for the everlasting evolution of humanity. Greatness is not defined by material possessions, paid for speeches, or political status; it is defined by the rate at which you push forward humanity. Not only did Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. provide leadership to the African- American Civil Rights Movement, he pushed an agenda of equality into the Western culture.
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A 19-year-old, representing Cardston, Alberta, Canada, is Tate Sommerfeldt. He was scouted to come to Utah State University Eastern by theatre associate professor, Brent department. Innes is also from Cardston so they have a lot in common. Sommerfeldt said he was excited to go somewhere where no one knew him. “Growing up in a small town of 3,000 people, everyone, knew exactly who I was, they knew my parents, and knew my grandparents”. Sommerfeldt is happy with the refreshing change of atmosphere and being known only as Tate and not as “Dalan’s kid”.
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Sydney Ho was born in Alexandria, Virginia but is a self-considered local. She spent most of her life in Kirtland, New Mexico, and moved to Price her sophomore year of high school. Still undecided in her major, Ho is leaning towards communications. She is still unsure, although her dream job is to be a concert venue owner. The 19-year-old freshman at Utah State
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Going on dates is great fun for all college students, but in a smaller town, it is sometimes hard to find the best date ideas. Here is a list of my top 10 date ideas at USU Eastern. 10. Coldstone and Price River Trail- Everyone loves ice cream! Why not get a sweet treat and go to the newly created Price River Trail. This trail was finished in December 2011 so enjoy it walking it with a date and then treat yourself at Coldstone Ice Cream.
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Gallery East’s second exhibit of the spring semester features photographs by Price native Mike King and is part of USU Eastern’s Year of the Arts celebration. Titled “Take a Closer Look,” the photos will be displayed from Feb. 5 through Mar. 2 in USUE’s Central Instructional Building.
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One of the busiest persons on campus stresses the need for students to be more involved in service to the school and community. Terry Johnson is the Volunteer Service Coordinator and oversees work done in the SUN Center on USUE’s campus. SUN stands for Serving Utah Network, and Terry is very involved in providing opportunities for students to go out and provide service to others. Terry has a love for serving others.
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The Prehistoric Museum unveiled its latest and most ambitious exhibit, yet featuring the ancient cliff dwellers of Southeastern Utah The exhibit centers around a full-sized, walk-through cliff dwelling apartment, and highlights some of the artifacts recovered from the Westwater (Five Kiva) Cliff Dwelling near Blanding, Utah. A scale-model diorama of this cliff dwelling shows daily life during the cliff dwelling’s heyday in 1245 AD.
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