Zac Benson: USU Eastern baseball player

Baseball is a sport I have always been good at
Posted Wednesday, April 6, 2011 - 10:00pm

“I love playing baseball; it clears my mind when I play.” Said Zac Benson; 19, baseball player at Utah State University-College of Eastern Utah. Benson has played baseball his whole life and currently plays outfield for USU-CEU.

Benson’s favorite thing about playing for USU-CEU is being with the guys, “They keep it enjoyable and they are very funny,” he said. Benson’s has many goals for the future; to become a professional soccer player, followed by a plastic surgeon. He wants to live in Las Vegas, NV or The Woodlands, TX. Benson wants to raise a family with a beautiful wife and beautiful children and to become very successful. “I just want to have a loving family,” Benson said.

Becoming an eagle scout was a big accomplishment for Benson, as well as being an athlete in college. Benson’s biggest role model in life is his cousin. “He works hard with everything he does and he also has a good attitude about it. He chooses the right things to do and makes the right decisions,” he said.

Benson’s favorite athlete is Cristiano Ronaldo, “He’s the fastest soccer player in the world and also one of the best players,” he said. “Everywhere I go girls tell me I look like Channing Tatum, because I have his structure I guess,” Benson said.

Growing up in Las Vegas, NV Benson has seen some crazy things. Yet, the craziest that has happened to him was one day he was walking into McDonalds to buy a diet coke for his mom and he was blindsided. “Then out of nowhere three other guys showed up and they jumped me,” Benson said.

Benson’s biggest regret in life is that he didn’t do as well in school as he should. “Not working as hard as I should have and hurting my loved ones. I let people down that I shouldn’t have,” Benson said.

“Baseball was the sport I was best at when I was little so I stuck with it,” Benson said.

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