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It's the most wonderful time of the year, if you are a sports fan that is. Right now in the United States this could possibly be the most exciting part of the year with all kinds of sporting events happening.

If you flipped through your television channels, you will discover that it is not hard to find a sport to watch. Whether it be football, basketball, hockey, soccer, baseball, or race car driving, at this time of the year you can find it all.

Right now we are in the heat of the football season. NFL is in the middle of the season, and playoff races are starting to shape out already. College football is in its last few weeks and all the games around this time of year have huge implications. Right now you can watch college football every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday night, and not to mention all day Saturday. The NFL takes center stage on Sundays and also Monday night.

As for basketball, the NBA season just began and college basketball is in its preseason. Nearly every night of the week you can find a NBA game being showed on TV. The local stations have even started showing the in-state universities' preseason games. Our own men's and women's teams have even started their seasons, and soon we will be able watch them participate in some home games.

For those of you who enjoy a good hockey game, the NHL season is in full swing. If you have the right channels you can usually find a hockey game to watch every night. The local Utah Grizzlies have also begun their campaign, and once in a while be seen on TV too.

The soccer season in the U.S. is winding down, while everywhere else in the world it is just heating up. The MLS playoffs have begun and their games are shown on Thursday nights and on Saturdays. Leagues from Europe can also be seen her in the States. Usually their games are on the weekends, but on special occasions can be seen midweek.

The World Series just ended and baseball is in their off-season right now. However, there is still plenty of talk of the baseball playoffs and trades on any sports show. You can still get your baseball fill.

NASCAR is coming to the end of their season, and every race is more and more important. Race car driving is shown on the weekends, for those who are interested.

With so many choices all week long, a sports fan cannot help but feel in heaven during this great time of year.

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