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Students ask administrators for answers
Posted Wednesday, September 23, 2009 - 7:11pm

The question on many College of Eastern Utah student's minds these days, "what are we going to be next year?" And the problem is when you ask the CEU staff, they tell you the same thing. So who will we be? After attending a meeting on Sept. 17, with the administrative issue and student services representatives, students were told by Brandon Keller, controller, that most of the questions were still up in the air.

Some examples of questions included what will become of CEU's athletic programs? The answer was as far as the administration knows, CEU will keep the same programs; however the Utah State University athletic's director is investigating whether or not the merge of the two athletic programs are breaking NCAA rules by having two of the same programs under one name.

As for CEU's auxiliary units such as food, housing and buildings, one thing is clear, CEU will keep its food contract with Sacco Foods. And another addition to the menu that is in store for CEU will be the Aggie Ice Cream store. USU officials said that they like CEU's way of running things and as far as they are concerned, CEU will retain total control over its housing and building complexes.

"We have been told by the USU President Stan Albert and staff to please reassure your faculty and staff that we want them to keep their jobs," said Interim President Mike King. But in light of a 1.5 million dollar budget cut, it is hard to say what the future holds. " If we lay off anymore people then I hope the professors don't mind cleaning the toilets, because we're running out of facility personnel," said a member of the building maintenance staff.

Some other issues that have come before the committee are items such as payroll, health and dental, and vacation time. Keller said again during the meeting that we hope to have answers by the end of October.

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