Welding case designed by students to display all their awards

Posted Tuesday, January 31, 2012 - 10:32pm

With one of the most successful welding programs in the nation, USU Eastern’s welding instructors had a dilemma. They had no place to display, state, national and international student awards that have been won throughout the years.

 Mike Tryon and Lon Youngberg made the decision to display a few of the many medals their students earned at their competitions in the main hallway of the McDonald Career Center.

 Welding students have placed first in the state and nation plus represented the United States of America in international competitions.  

 To display their student achievements, students from the welding department designed and built a display case. It is clean and professional with an industrial design that matches their discipline.

 Its design was a collaboration between the instructors and Jordi Pincock; a student scheduled to graduate this spring. 

Pincock spent hours drawing and revising the concept until he was given approval to start fabricating the project from aluminum.  Once he completed the metal fabrication, glass and lighting was added to the cabinet.

The cabinet is displaying nine-national medals, selected newspaper and magazine articles, and many welds/projects that were completed during actual competitions.  Although the displayed welds are impressive, the best work was often shipped across the country for judging and destructive testing. 

Most of the work on display was completed by welding graduates Jeremiah Garcia of Helper and Mason Winters from Vernal.  Garcia travels the country welding petroleum pipelines and Winters l graduates this spring from Weber State University’s Welding Engineering Technology program.

The display will soon be enlarged by adding a wing-like shelf to each side so that larger projects can be displayed in a manner that will allow people to touch and feel the welds.  It may seem strange, but people do not need to know anything about welding to recognize the beauty of a job well done… and when they see it, they often want to touch it, said Youngberg.

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