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Every student has an opinion or two they would like to say regarding their college professors. Students now have the chance to do just that on the websites www.ratemyprofessor.com and www.myspace.com.

Professors, if you want to know what your students really think about you, this is the site for you. On this website, students rate their professors, add comments they would like to share about the teacher and the class, and view the ratings and comments of other students.

Each student rates a professor on a one-to-five scale with one being the lowest on factors such as easiness, helpfulness, clarity, and last but not least, how "hot" the professor is. The site then averages the numbers for all of the ratings given by each student and creates an overall quality score between one and five with one being the lowest.

Professors get either a good, average or poor ratings and also a chili pepper that shows whether they have been rated to be "hot" or not. By each professor's name there are columns for the categories listed above and also include what department the professor is in, the last date the professor was rated and total number of ratings they received.

Myspace.com has a similar method. The students are able to grade the teachers with "A" being the best and "F" being the worst on their lectures, homework, tests, fairness, grading and accessibility and then give them a final grade. Students are also able to make comments as well on myspace.com.

The site has nearly every college and university listed, however it only has professors on the site that have been rated. The students are able to log in, add a professor's name and rate them.

The College of Eastern Utah has 38 professors listed. Most of the CEU professors have good ratings and a chili pepper, however, there were a few that received less than great ratings. All of the comments are directly off of websites: ratemyprofessor.com and myspace.com, and author's names are kept anonymous.

Some of the positive opinions that students had regarding their professors: "Just a really nice person. She will go out of her way to help you and is really down to earth. She knows what she's talking about."

"An easy 'A' but a very fun class. This guy knows his stuff and he makes learning about music fun and interesting."

"Awesome teacher. Loved her literature by women class. She did not give us busy work and I really learned a lot in her class."

"Honestly the most knowledgeable, quick witted and generally best English teacher I've ever had. Great guy. Great sense of humor. Demands a lot but expects very little. Keep it up, even if some people can't handle you."

"Awesome professor but unfortunately I'm going to have to give him the same grade he's going to give me, F-triple minus. Just kidding, I recommend taking any classes from him, he cares about his students and is willing to go out of his way to help."

"This man has got to be one of the most wonderful teachers I have ever had. I've learned a lot from this man and he has earned my utmost respect. I sorely miss his choir class though. I was honored when he asked me to join his chamber choir when I thought I was only good enough for concert choir. I highly recommend this man to anyone with an ear to listen and a mind to learn."

Some students took advantage of being able to make comments about professors they didn't like as well. For example, one student had to say this about finals last semester, "Refused to let you take a final if you were late and changed its location at the last minute. Whilst chewing me and my friend out several other people wandered in late and she was utterly clueless to it. Laughably idiotic."

"Doesn't feel so good does it? ... Well like your other comment that's how you graded me..If you took the time to stop being fake and actually try to help your students you might get a better grade ... however my family and I weren't impressed with you..What does selling Avon have to do with cosmetology? For every $10 dollars you sell you get a hour ... that's wonderful. I'm glad so many students have paid for summer school and learned how to walk the track for their theory hour ... have you ever worked in a salon?"

"Just giving you a grade like you did me ... sucks though I think ... oh well I am going to a different school so I have a chance to make it in the real world."

Another comment, "Big fat freaking F minus, minus, minus, minus. The most horrible class in the world. Don't ever take this class. You can be the biggest insomniac ever and fall asleep in this class in under two minutes, guaranteed.

"Lots of homework, the class was very boring and I was always sleepy. You need a pillow for this class."

There is also the added security of never having the professor know what student wrote comments. All of the comments and ratings are kept anonymous so that students may say what they wish without the fear of the professor possibly finding out who it is that is putting in the comments.

Students are able to view comments on professors from other major college and universities as well and can also respond to their peers comments regarding the professors.

More information is listed on the web sites as well as every rating and comment for each of the 38 professors listed from CEU.

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