Volleyball recruits

Posted Thursday, April 13, 2006 - 12:00am

The volleyball season is long over, but head coach Brent Martindale, is preparing for next season, just four months away.

Martindale is determined to improve upon last season's record. Martindale, has made a lot of changes in the off season said "this is the second year in a row that I am trying to turn a team around that finished last place in the conference. That means that I have had to make some changes on my roster. Instead of 8 returning freshman, there will only be four."

In order for the Eagles to improve next season, they need to build and maintain their confidence, Martindale said "Our goal is to not let that just because we lose a couple of matches." Martindale added that in order to improve they must improve on ball control, "mostly the pass off the serve. When we did that well last fall, we were competitive with anybody. But a lot of the time, we were just not very good at passing.

The Eagles signed four new players for the 2006 season. Jaime King, who is a senior at Carbon High School, has committed to CEU next season. King is a two-time all-state outside hitter, who Martindale believes will "help us tremendously at either the outside or right side." Olivia Fowler, who is a middle hitter from Lone Peak High School has also committed to CEU for next season. Martindale, also signed Jennie Rudder from Nampa, Idaho, and Kindra Romney from Mountain Crest High School in Logan.

Martindale is also in the process of signing a "6-foot outside hitter from Brazil, Karina Rocha, who "has played very well at the competitive leagues in her country." The lack of foreign players was one of the aspects about his teams that he felt was holding the program back that he felt was holding the team back from competing with the likes of Salt Lake Community College at the beginning of this season.

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