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A word to the students
Posted Wednesday, September 8, 2010 - 7:42pm

Students and friends,


You may not know it yet, but you are part of history. 

 We often hear people boast of being “the first” to have done something spectacular – the first person to reach the summit of Everest, the first to land on the moon, the first to discover the double-helix structure of chromosomes.  There have been several “firsts” at our College.  To begin with, about 100 people have been able to say that they were the first students to enroll in the newly formed Carbon College way back in October 1938.

It may seem strange, but back in the early years,  the College and the local high school were operated together.  In 1959, the high school and the College were separated, and other people could tell of being the first students to attend Carbon College when it did not include the high school. 

Later, others could say they were the first students to attend the College of Eastern Utah.  In 1964 the state Board of Regents replaced the old name (Carbon College) with the name most of us have known for years – CEU.  You may know people who were among this group of “firsts.”

During the 1960s, still other people could say they were the first to attend CEU-San Juan in Blanding, when the College began offering courses in the southeast corner of the state.

And now, you also can “claim your fame” for being the first to attend Utah State University – College of Eastern Utah. 

Regardless of the changes through the years, the College has had a rich tradition of quality education.  The College’s graduates have been presidents of Fortune 500 companies, CEOs of large organizations, famous scientists, noted writers, doctors, engineers, lawyers – and decent, intelligent, warm-hearted neighbors and friends.  We share a proud tradition here at USU-Eastern that comes from fine teachers, excellent advisers, and caring workers who serve the finest students in the world.  You are now part of this tradition.  You will build your future on this shared tradition.

Welcome to the inaugural year of USU-Eastern.  Be proud of this moment in history, and as the years go by, tell the rising generations that you were there at “the first.”  And right now, during the first weeks of the first semester, commit that you will be among the first to complete your entire degree at USU-Eastern.  I look forward to being there when you are awarded those degrees, and you go out to add your part to our tradition. Go Eagles!


Joe Peterson

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