Ten stories that made our year

Posted Wednesday, December 8, 2010 - 8:06pm

It has been a spectacular year for the editors and staff of The Eagle newspaper. We have had several “must reads” for every issue that we published in 2010. Stories ranged from athletic, academic and even staff awards. We also reported as the merger occurred, while seeing the dissolution of some services that supported students at Utah State University-College of Eastern Utah. As the editors of The Eagle we came up with a list of the top 10 stories that made this a wonderful year of production for us. Without any further rambling, here are our choices as the top 10 stories of 2010.

10- Carbon Recreation partnership dissolved

Written by Scott Fredrick for the April 22 edition of The Eagle, Fredrick covered the story of how the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Carbon County Recreation and CEU was going to be expiring on June 30, 2010, and the chances of the contract being renewed were more than likely not to happen. The partnership between Carbon Rec and CEU allowed many of the students to take the outdoor classes by helping provide equipment needed for those classes at an affordable price. With the partnership ending, the general categories of RECR classes were not on the Fall 2010 schedule.

9- PBL students

continue legacy

In the April 22 issue, we were reminded as students and faculty just how well the business club did when it came to academic competition. Nine CEU students placed at the Utah PBL competition at the annual State Leadership Conference on April 9-10. The competition was between other colleges and universities including: Utah State University, Weber State University, Utah Valley University, Dixie State College and Snow College. CEU brought home four first-place awards along with three second place-awards. First-place awards went to Kevin Howard earning two awards (cyber security and information management); Danielle Warner (accounting principles); and Skyler Hardy (client services). Members that took first or second place headed for the National Leadership Conference in Nashville, Tenn., from July 9-12.

8- Welders take gold at Skills USA

In April, the CEU Welding Department entered eight students into the SkillsUSA state-wide competition, and came home with eight golds. CEU golds were earned in welding fabrication team, secondary level (high school students taking classes from CEU); welding fabrication team post-secondary level (freshmen and sophomores attending CEU); and the individual welding contest. The winners competed at the national SkillsUSA competition in Kansas City, Mo., where the last four years, CEU students earned national medals.

7- Utah Campus Compact Awards

Caitlin Wright wrote this article about the outstanding faculty, staff, students and community members that make a difference for higher education. Each year the 13 colleges in Utah are encouraged to submit one name to fill each of the four categories. CEU’s winners included Kate Alleman, the executive director of the United Way of Southeastern Utah, who was chosen as the committed community member; Steven Nelson was chosen as the civically engaged scholar; Becky Archibald was chosen as the civically engaged staff member; and the final award of civically engaged student went to Ryan Ware.

6- Challenging semester


Ryan Ware challenged CEUSA in the Feb. 25 story about student government having a hard time with planning activities for the semester. Quoting Ware, “From flops and successes to activity costs, the College of Eastern Utah Student Association [CEUSA] has hit a brick wall.” During spring semester of 2010, CEUSA canceled Mr. and Miss CEU, the Un-talented Show due to lack of interest or the cost. The Stop Light Dance was not canceled, but only 40 people showed up and eventually left. Whether to blame student government and its advisors for their lack of advertising or mismanagement of budget, or to blame the students for not attending no one, is sure.

5- TRiO no more

Written by Mae Goss for the Sept. 23 issue, students were informed about the loss of a student service on campus. Utah State University-College of Eastern Utah found out on Sept. 1, 2010, that the Student Support Services/TRiO program would no longer be a part of the school because federal funding was lost. Every five years there is a competition to get the federal funding and this year USU-CEU didn’t score high enough. The TRiO program was started to help first generation, low income, disabled and non-traditional students to be successful at CEU.

4- Stench in the SAC making people ill

Susan Polster, advisor for The Eagle once again made us drop our jaws after this article for the Nov. 4, issue when we realized what everybody was smelling and what was making us sick in the SAC building. Many students came down sick when the musty smell of the SAC was replaced with the smell of sewer. Instructors and advisors that teach in the SAC reported headaches and sinus issues. Because of the smell and the affects of the sewage, some of the offices, including the health and wellness center and cosmetology department closed down. An honorable mention story on our list is the follow-up to this story titled, “Stench in SAC solved.”

3- Code of Conduct broken

Generally speaking, at least once or twice a semester there is a code of conduct problem. Kelli Burke-Gabossi covered the first code of conduct issue for the fall semester in the Oct. 9, issue of the Eagle. On the weekend of Oct. 2, the college hosted the Lite-Brite Dance in the old ballroom of the SAC. On that weekend, USU-CEU had two foul-ups in the code of conduct. During the Lite-Brite Dance, an 18-year-old female was attacked by three high school students that attended the dance. Charges were filled, and the female student had a possible broken nose and several bruises. Later that evening, six students were found with possession of alcohol in their dorm room. Even though three of the students were “of required age,” the USU-CEU code of conduct prohibits possession of alcohol on campus.

2- Steps to finalize the merger

We all know now that the merger for Utah State and CEU passed, and we are USU-CEU. But for the Feb. 25 issue, Devin Bybee wrote an article on what was happening to finalize the merger between the two schools. Honorable mentions that are about the merger between USU and CEU include “USU-CEU chancellor brings experience to job,” by Mae Goss about USU-CEU’s new chancellor Joe Peterson. Another honorable mention is for Kelli Burk-Gabossi’s article “Academic changes for USU-CEU,” which covers Greg Benson being appointed as vice chancellor for academic affairs and student services. And Gabossi’s article titled, “Oppurtunities expected at USU-CEU,” covering Brad King being appointed as vice chancellor of

Stories about the merger were covered many times on the front pages for The Eagle this last year, yet there is one story that was covered that will be more memorable for CEU’s students and faculty along with the community members from Price.

1- Sutton steps up, will not accept defeat

Shala Pitchforth covered perhaps one of the greatest stories of men’s basketball for CEU last year. A Cinderella season for the CEU mens basketball team ended with heartache but the team proved that they could overcome adversity when it mattered most. After losing on March 19 to Howard University to play in the national championship the team came out with with a less than impressive first half in the game against Navarro College for third place. CEU’s Leon Sutton stepped up for the team, coming off of the bench and helped get the team going. Hard work pays off as Sutton was able to drain a last-minute shot to force overtime. The team won the game in overtime 65-61. There were many different stories about the basketball team from last season that it was hard to determine which should be our number-one story so there are some honorable mentions that could also have been here. First “Eagles face adversity … and fly” by Scott Fredrick that gives a re-cap of the 2009-2010 CEU Men’s basketball season. Second by Nate Davis, “Eagles sit atop SWAC.” Finally by Nate Davis writing “Glover named to All-American team.”

Here is to a wonderful year from the Eagle newspaper editors, and many more to come.

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