Sun Center's Volunteer Spotlight


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Curt and Christine Snelgrove are the SUN Center's volunteers of the week.   Curt is the vice president over communications for the SUN Center, and Christine is over Kids at Heart. This is Curt's second year as a leader with the SUN Center, and admits that he is "rip-roaring pumped to jump into service."  

After returning from his LDS mission to McAllen, Texas, Curt came to CEU and looked for a way to continue to serve.   That is when he stepped into the SUN Center and found his calling for life.   "For me the SUN Center is a way that I can reach out and help other people in ways that I never thought I could."

Curt is a physical therapy major from Kamas, Utah, and this past summer married the true love of his life, Christine.   After graduating from CEU, the couple plans to continue their education at Weber State University.

Christine enjoys serving others, and helping to improve their lives.   "I'm excited to begin working with the kids involved in Kids at Heart so that we can begin to improve their lives and give them some positive role models outside of their family."

Christine is an elementary education major from Clearfield, Utah.   She first found her love for service in the Boy Scouts program where she worked as a camp counselor.   Service has become a major part of her life (next to Curt), and she is thrilled that her project will help her with her major.

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