SUN Center's timeout with Cole Unsworth


2009-10 president of volunteer center
Posted Thursday, August 27, 2009 - 5:25pm

School has begun and it's time to sit down with SUN Center President Cole Unsworth and talk about what has been planned for this year.

During last year's Spring Leadership Training, CEU officers beautified the campus. They painted the cement on the north side of Geary Theatre, repainted parking lines and added new traffic signs to the campus.

The SUN Center kicks off with The Amazing Race this year, then they will start some favorite projects as well as adding some new projects that are being planned, said Unsworth. The projects will be as simple as helping out a blind man mow his lawn, all the way up to the personal favorite of Unsworth and most all on campus, Spring and Fall Breakaway.

This semester the center has 20 leaders and each will be in charge of handling an individual project including newborns in need, youth mentoring, and the addition of green team, a club devoted to recycling and going green in the community.

SUN Center leader Ryan Ware, who is experienced in this area, is heading this club. He is looking for people to help out by joining green team. If you missed signing up at Club Rush, you can still join by contacting Ware, Unsworth, or Kathy Murray through the SUN Center office on the second floor of the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center.

So far the CEU community is excited about helping when asked. The current numbers of volunteers is up, Unsworth said, "we made over 100 copies of volunteer sheets, and ran out the first day." He estimates that nearly half the students living on campus has showed an interest in starting projects.

The goal of SUN Center is to have everyone on campus do at least one hour of service. To reach this goal, the SUN Center has great leaders doing publicity around campus, "we're trying to get our activities known and our service projects known," Unsworth added, "because once you start service, you don't want to stop, once you realize how much fun it is."

If any students are interested in learning more about the SUN Center, visit them in their office, or visit their page on the CEU website, to learn ongoing projects, and see pictures from last year's projects.

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