Student academic senate established providing departments with feedback

Posted Thursday, September 28, 2006 - 12:00am

Created to provide for the departmental needs of the College of Eastern Utah, the 2006, 07 Student Academic Senate is now filled with representatives and ready to take action.

Nick Deeter, a freshman that graduated from Carbon High has been appointed by the executive board of ASCEU to serve as the senate vice president.

Describing the contents of the senate and how each representative is evaluated Deeter states, "The Academic Senate is comprised of five students who represent the following departments:   arts and humanities; business and computer sciences; sciences, social and behavioral sciences; and trade and vocational.   These five students are  nominated by a faculty member in their respective department in order to represent the department in the senate."  

The senate does not work with any kind of distribution of student or tuition funds but, Deeter goes on to say that, "In essence, the Academic Senate is aimed at helping sort out issues and make improvements at a departmental level."  

To achieve these goals, Deeter adds, "The senators and I will hold weekly meetings in order to discuss campus issues and take measures to improve or enhance certain measures on campus." The weekly meetings will be held every Tuesday at 6:15 p.m. and are open, plus student attendance is welcomed.

Helping to advance the school, many topics that will be talked about will deal with each individual department, what on campus effects those individual departments have and what can be done.  

Deeter said, "Some of these items include, but are not limited to publicity for each department in order to improve enrollment, class scheduling, address the concerns of faculty, and address and put to action any other items that may come to our attention."

The goals the senate is working on include student concerns abut each campus department, year-long scheduling for classes and making sure that teachers keep office hours.  

The representatives for the Academic Senate were sworn in September 21, during the ASCEU advisory meeting.

The appointed officials are Nicole Hovat, senator of the arts and humanities; Natalie Rowley, senator of the business and computer sciences; Al smith, senator of the sciences; Chad Valdez, senator of the social and behavioral sciences; and Mike Ramstetter, senator of the trade and vocational departments.

Deeter also, "would like to elaborate that the student senate is here to benefit all of CEU; so please don't hesitate to take any questions, concerns, or comments to these senators, as wel as myself.   We are here to help.   Thank you again for all of your help and cooperation.   I look forward to a very successful year."

"Thank you again for your help and support.   I know that this year will be a successful year and will set the bar for future senates."

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