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State's best quarterback in Logan
Posted Wednesday, October 19, 2011 - 7:54pm

Smurf Turf is impressed along with some other sports journalists in the Beehive state. Statistically speaking the best quarterback in the state of Utah is an 18 year old from Texas. Enter the… kid they call Chuckie Keeton. Keeton is starting to make residents in Logan realize that the best football in Cache County is not at Logan High School.

Utah State Universities 2-4 record doesn’t show it, but this is a dangerous football team. Smurf would like to point out that USU has blown four fourth-quarter leads including a ten-point lead with a little over three minutes left over nationally ranked Auburn. Keeton is also the only starting quarterback in Utah who has yet to throw the pigskin to the wrong team. Not only is he not turning the ball over but he is keeping defensive coordinators honest with his feet. The 6’2’’ 185-pound freshman has ground out a little over 200 yards on the ground, with a few touchdowns.

Keeton isn’t putting up Heisman like numbers yet, but he is getting the job done. Granted, a few hundred fans have joined the “ Chuckie Keeton for Heisman,” facebook page. The Heisman talk is a little pre-mature, but so is Keeton’s success. The USU football coaches knew early on that success would come with him at the helm. Once at a summer practice head coach Gary Andersen called 22 blitzes in a row to try to frazzle the freshman, but nothing fazed the young Texan. We look across the state and see that the star starting quarterback is not named Jake Heaps, Brigham Young University (maybe a LDS mission would have been a better route) or Jordan Wynn, University of Utah (going under the knife…again).

Keeton originally committed to Air Force, but de-commited and made a pledge to the Aggies on the same day that they upset BYU. He wasn’t even going to be the outright starter going into the first game against Auburn. The original plan was for him to split time with JUCO transfer Adam Kennedy. Keeton started the game and never let the coaches have a reason to pull him, so they didn’t. Keeton is making the Aggies a threat in the college football scene. As much as Smurf is shocked to say this, the best quarterback in the state is wearing blue, and it’s not Cougar Blue.

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