Should Blue Boutique be in red light district?


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The recent drama unfolding in Sugar House because of Blue Boutique is ridiculous. I am tired of reading uninformed and poorly written opinions by soccer moms. Before I get all of Utah in a riotous outrage let me make myself clear. I have no problems with people who are stay at home parents, have large families, are deeply religious, don't wash their hands after using restrooms, people of different sexual orientation and anyone else that I failed to mention, I'm sorry. I'm trying hard not to offend.

The Blue Boutique is moving, the business owner has signed a lease and everything should be all good. So why is it not? Parents that live around the proposed location are up in arms because of the merchandise Blue Boutique sells. I'm not sure if "anything" this store sells is acceptable to these people. But the main causes for concern are rubber dildos, lingerie and some pornographic magazines. Let's be broad for a second, we will say anything that shows nipples of either gender, a penis or vagina is pornography. So yes, by that definition they have porn. Don't most bookstores? In fact, local libraries offer a wide range of anatomy books, those you can checkout. So kids, let me tell you a secret. If you want some nudity, check out science textbooks ... Sorry parents, I let that one out of the bag, my bad.

Maybe if you didn't keep sex such a taboo subject, then kids wouldn't have to wonder about something so natural. I'm not saying go wild and show videos of how they were procreated, but there has be a middle ground that agrees with religious or personal convictions. Silk teddies, crotch-less panties, thigh-high boots and who could resist leather from head to toe? If that sounds like a sentence out of a steamy romance novel it might be, but if it sounds like a normal and lawful description of what some find attractive to wear when they are with a lover, spouse or bar rat, that's what I'm hoping for. How can anyone have a problem with someone else's clothing choice? The only time I can see that if it happens to be a white sheet with a point sticking up on the hat.

The point I'm getting at is this. If and only if someone comes out of Blue Boutique wearing crotch-less panties, a strap-on dildo, nipple clamps and carrying a portable DVD player while watching inter-species erotica should anyone have a right to complain.

If I or anyone else chooses to spice up my sex life and it's legal consensual sex in which no one gets hurt or exploited then who are you to tell me what I can and cannot do? Even better, where do you get off telling me where I can purchase these things? If I have to travel to an industrial sector of town, that is harassment towards me and anyone else who patronizes the store.

If we (Blue Boutique customers) are not having sex in public, looking at porn in public or trying to force your children to be exposed to these vile things how can you pass judgment and try to stop us? Maybe we should put a shroud over the Salt Lake Temple. How about we cover up the Cathedral of the Madeleine? Why stop there, make it illegal for people to drink alcohol, whoops that didn't work. All these things are corrupting some member of society in one way or another right? Trying to shelter us from others views and lifestyles is wrong. As long as views and opinions are expressed in a thoughtful and non-confrontational way, where is the problem?

For anyone who is concerned about their childrens' moral outcome shouldn't you consider that it isn't these people you deem evil teaching your children core values which will lead them through life. You are. Take some responsibility, instead of trying to force others to accept your lifestyle. Why not teach children that there is another way of doing things. It may not be right for you, it may not be right for your children but to some it is the perfectly normal way of life. These people work, support families and contribute to society.

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