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CEU's library has services to offer both students and patrons. One of the greatest resources offered is electronic books or e-books. When I want to expand my knowledge on a technology topic, I use Safari Books Online (Safari Tech Books).

This website is an electronic library of over 2,200 titles dealing with a wide range of computer, business, and technology subjects. This service is offered free to anyone who has a CEU library card and can now be accessed off campus. Safari Books online can be accessed by using the link on the library homepage,

Safari Books Online has a search feature that suggests related keywords and topics as you type. For example, if you typed "photo" some of the suggestions include Photoshop and photography.

Many of the categories have at least 15 books offering readers a wide variety of choice. When you find the book you want to read, you are presented with a synopsis from the publisher and author.

Safari Books Online includes reader reviews submitted to You also have the option to purchase the printed book at a reduced rate through their online store. Click on the start reading online button and you will be taken to your book. Books are the scanned book or in webpage format. One thing I like about the books that are in webpage format is that you can print the section you are viewing for later reference.

Some of my favorite subjects are on Adobe's line of products, particularly Photoshop and Illustrator. There are numerous books for every user level and they are usually some of the most recently published titles so the information is up-to-date. Other great resources are the books on Windows Vista. Many who have recently purchased new computers with Windows Vista have had trouble adjusting to the new features and interface. Now users can read numerous tiles to help adjust to the new interface and features that Vista has.

Safari Books Online provides many useful titles for those who want to strengthen and broaden their understanding on a subject or learn a new subject entirely.

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