Road Rally races to serve community


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"On your mark, Get set, GO!" Those were the words that electrified the four teams of students into action at the Service Road Rally on January 25.

Each team was given directions, including where their service would take place, and a disposable camera to fill up with pictures of their adventures. And the race was on!

Team 1 raced to decorate the Wildman. With their amazing capabilities they turned the Wildman into a masterpiece of motivation. Upon completion they went to Headstart to put together packets the kids would be using. They finished their race at the CEU student center tying quilts.

Team 2 careened to the Golden Rule Mission and spectacularly organized and cleaned the kitchen until it gleamed. They then zoomed to the Children's Justice Center to accomplish whatever was left for them to do. They then went to help tie quilts back at the student center.

Team 3 started out going to RSVP where they put together hygiene kits in record time. Upon arrival to the After School program at Castle Heights they enjoyed playing volleyball and jump rope with the children there. For their final project they ran around the CEU campus collecting any recycling they could find.

Team 4 dashed to the Children's Justice Center where they spent a good twenty minutes disinfecting toys. They then went to help anybody that would let them carry their groceries to their vehicles for them.

At the end of the Service Road Rally they all ate pizza and ice cream. Everyone then enjoyed skits highlighting their teams' adventures for the day and prizes were given for the "Swisstest" team and the "Bestest skit ever."

John Keetch said, regarding Team 1's decoration of the Wildman, "That is the best he has ever looked!"

Other similar words of praise for the services rendered were shared by the teams and those who were served.

All in all, it was a great way to spend an afternoon.

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