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The College of Eastern Utah has a history of involving students in the high school recruiting process. The ambassador program is one example as well as the Admissions Intern that the Office of Admissions and Scholarships employs every semester.

Admissions and Scholarships is currently looking for someone interested in taking time off to work short term recruiting high school students.

The job entails travel in Utah and the surrounding area making return visits to high schools to follow up with interested students as well as making phone calls and working with the Ambassadors.

This position is currently filled by Jed Lloyd, who will be leaving CEU to attend Brigham Young University Spring Semester. "My job is to be a liaison between CEU and high school seniors in the state and the surrounding region. I've made good connections with other representative, learned a lot about Utah, visited some cool places and I've learned about the inter-workings of higher education. It's been a really great experience."

Another advantage to this job is a great working environment. "Admissions and Scholarships is unique because we work with so many other offices," said Spencer Childs, the department's Admission Counselor. He continued, "You get a really good feel for how the school works from high school senior all the way through graduation. And the office is a great place to work, very fun and laid back. I really enjoy my job."

Qualification for this job include at least one year college experience, excellent organizational, leadership, marketing and communications skills, and must be willing to work out of town. Anyone interested can submit a letter of interest and resume to Todd Olsen in the Office of Admissions and Scholarships.

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