The Prettyman Suite welcomes USU visitors


Posted Wednesday, November 16, 2011 - 6:34pm

Due to the length of the trip between Logan and Price, various visitors from the Logan Campus would often spend the night in Price so that they would have time enough to do what they came to accomplish before returning. Seeing how burdensome the motel fees were to the university, Dr. Alex Herzog, associate vice chancellor for student services, came up with the idea for a campus housing unit to service Utah State University visitors.

The extraneous expense of housing for visitors is quickly becoming a thing of the past. This is due to the conversion of housing unit 109 in Aaron Jones Hall from an apartment for students into an apartment, closely resembling a hotel room for the use of visiting dignitaries and others who come for reasons relating to USUEastern.

It was Dr. Herzog who unofficially dubbed AJ housing unit 109, “The Prettyman Suite.” It was nicknamed for Officer James Prettyman of the campus police and residential life, who took charge of the project and modeled the room after the Duckwood Suites in Salt Lake City.

Among the changes made to this room were uniform matching tiles in the lavatory and kitchen, twin beds in each of the three rooms, newly textured and painted walls, durable and uniform blinds, and tiled carpeting so that stains and marks on the carpet can be removed without having to replace all of it. The apartment also includes such luxuries as a hall vanity setting, TV and DVD players, and dishes for visitors who might choose to cook their own food.

All of this was made possible by funding provided through Greg Benson, vice chancellor for academic affairs and student services. Tammie Pantelakis and Jan Thornton of the Disability Resource Center chose the decorations and labor was provided by the maintenance staff and various contractors as they were needed.

The cost of staying in the room is $35 per night for individuals and $60 per night for two or more visitors. Priority is given to Utah State Auxiliaries, fire marshal, police, and USU staff.

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