Pedro Silva: a point guard from Brazil

Silva started playing basketball when he was 5
Posted Tuesday, October 10, 2017 - 12:34pm

Pedro Silva, a freshman point guard from

Sao Paulo, Brazil, joins the Eagle’s men’s

basketball program. Earning a scholarship

from Layton Christian Academy (LCA), to

play high school basketball, is what brought

him to Utah. In his senior season at LCA, he

and his team captured a state championship,

a feeling he described as “ a breathtaking

feeling of accomplishment, when that buzzer

rang we knew that all the hard work we put

in paid off”.

Silva started playing basketball when

he was 5 and

credits the love

of the game

for motivating

him to play

and train for

so long. He

does not plan

on stopping at

Eastern either;

he also plans

on playing D1

basketball and

get the opportunity

to play

professional basketball one day. His athletic

trainer from Brazil has been a huge contributor

to where he is his today with his

basketball ability.

Silva said basketball has taught him,

“Everything in life; its taught me respect

and to never give up, no matter the situation.”

Basketball has also taught him that

no underdog is ever out of the game and it

is all about who is better that day.

His goals for the team this year are making

it to Nationals and being the best team

they can be everyday. The team, and himself,

are putting in a lot of work and are ready

for the season to begin. The season starts

on October 13th, at the Rocky Mountain

Jamboree in Windsor Colorado. Silva knows

Rafael Monteiro, a fellow Eagle teammate

from Brazil, since he was 12. He knew him

from playing against him, and this year they

get to be teammates. It will be exciting to see

what the duo, and the team, can do this year.

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