Paying it forward passed to Price campus

You don’t pay back a favor, you pay it forward
Posted Thursday, February 28, 2008 - 12:00am

In 2000, a movie about a young boy who has an idea to change the world was released to the general public. The idea is simple. Instead of paying people back when they do something nice for you, you pay it forward helping three other people. In the movie, this notion becomes a worldwide movement.

"Pay It Forward" had a profound impact on many people, and at College of Eastern Utah, the same movement has been started.

You may have seen little yellow cards that say "Pass it On" floating around campus. These are an invention of Mikenzi Bentley, who sponsors the Random Acts of Simple Kindness (RASK) program at CEU. This program is designed to help students incorporate service into their everyday lives.

Bentley is deeply involved in the service that happens on campus, and says that she enjoys service because it makes her feel like she is helping change the world. "When others look outside themselves to help others, they not only improve others, but they improve themselves. By paying it forward, everyone involved has a higher quality of life."

The small, yellow cards are designed to help people who don't serve find the joy that comes from helping others. When a student receives a card, they serve someone else, leaving the card, and the chain goes on. Whether planned or spontaneous, each random act of simple kindness should be viewed not as a single act, but as the beginning of a lifetime of service

So, pass it on. Cut out the square, and do something nice for someone. Make someone's day. And, most importantly, if they do it for you, pay it forward.

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