Opportunities expected at USU-CEU

Posted Thursday, September 23, 2010 - 4:33pm

Editor’s note: In the last issue, you read about the changes that Greg Benson, vice chancellor of academics, is dealing with. This issue features Brad King, vice chancellor of administration and advancement.

When the vice president of finance position was dropped after the budget cuts last year at CEU, vice chancellors Brad King and Greg Benson took on the remaining duties.

In King’s 29 years at CEU, he has been the coordinator of high school relations, director of college relations, director of student activities, dean of students, vice president of advancement and student services and is now the vice chancellor of administration and advancement. Like Benson, Chancellor Joe Peterson appointed King to this position. He is in charge of athletics, police, public relations, alumni, business operations, IT, human resources and facilities.

King believes that the changes in connection with the USU-CEU affiliation occurring this year will not be too visible to most people. Many are expected to take place in the fall 2011 semester. “There are so many details we have to work out. In addition to the academic adjustments, we are working on having the same computer system and payroll as USU. We also must blend the traditional image of CEU with the image and branding efforts of USU Logan. We will have new signs, letterheads and logos.”

Currently, USU-CEU is working on reorganizing the administration and the internal governance issues. Each policy of the college must be examined and compared to the Logan policy.

“Academic and faculty issues will be examined and clarified throughout the year.” As for students, “I hope they don’t notice a lot. I hope it’s smooth enough that it’s natural and positive in transition.” If we are successful, the biggest changes will be in the new simplicity regarding transfer to USU Logan and the possibility of staying in Price to finish some selected degrees.

“For 29 years, I worked mostly with students. I think what I’m looking forward to most is learning this other side of the college operation.” King won’t lose contact with students, though. He is planning on attending activities, games and anything that can help him stay involved with student life.

The number of students that currently transfer to USU Logan is about one-third of the total transfer students. King expects the transferring process to become less complicated in the future, especially for students who would like to transfer to the USU campus in Logan. And since transferring should be less of a hassle, more students are expected to transfer and continue their education to a bachelor’s degree or higher. “Long term, the major upside of the affiliation is the increase in education opportunities we’ll have. We really do have a bright future.”

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