OJ in the news again ... and I still don't care

Posted Thursday, September 27, 2007 - 12:00am

Do you know what really grinds my gears? The fact that our country is obsessed with celebrities plagues me with stomach ulcers. It isn't that they think they have deep meaningful thoughts about real world issues like politics or adoption, no, it is the fact that no matter who it is or what the crime may be (DUI and possession of cocaine), the power of being a Hollywood somebody gets people off the hook.

The most recent assault on my senses is every time I turn on TV or go to any news website, the only thing I hear/read about is O.J. Simpson. Here is the million-dollar question ... Are you ready for it?

Who the [email protected]#$ cares about O.J. Simpson?

I don't and pray to God there isn't anyone else who does. Why does it matter that he allegedly committed armed robbery in Las Vegas? Newsworthy articles get sidelined due to our infatuation with Hollywood nut cases.

Iran's president comes to Columbia University and as a result, students protest because of the lack of interest as well as fear of what he might say. Hey at least they are protesting and not too busy checking Myspace to be involved. But back to O.J., I don't know many people who don't remember or haven't heard about his escapade on the freeways of Southern California 12 years ago. Give it up people. He had good attorneys and did not get convicted of criminal charges.

Why must the media give him so much attention because of an alleged robbery? Does society have a need to be inundated with bullshit that ultimately doesn't concern us? Have citizens of this country become apathetic in the pursuit of knowledge concerning the outside world?

I don't care if O.J. gets convicted, of these 11 counts, 10 of which are felonies. In my mind, the only people that should care are residents of Nevada. If he gets convicted it's the residents of that state that will foot the bill to keep him in prison. Speaking of the criminal charges, 11 counts?

Are you serious? He faces life in prison if those charges stick. This seems like a last ditch effort to nail the former poster boy of football, because someone's panties must have been in a twist when he walked on murder charges.

I almost feel sorry for the guy; he faced murder charges, walked, and then got sued in a civil case for a whopping $33.5 million and lost. The irony is because he is high profile, he has to cough up a hefty chunk of change. Which brings me to another point, is murder of a son any worse on parents if a wealthy sports star commits that murder?

Please, someone explain to me the difference in the senseless slaying of a son committed by a crackhead trying to get his fix compared to a celebrity that goes postal. Is there a difference? Is the loss not the same?

I think the Goldman's need to pursue their millions outside of the public eye. Everyday families lose sons and daughters. Mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters get taken. The hurt is real and it is definitely present but what satisfaction do you get from taking the perpetrator's money?

As far as I'm concerned, the media attention is only doing harm to Americans because it uses up time and space that could be occupied with important stories. Why not focus on something good that happens? Start telling stories of grandma Sue and her wacky ways during prohibition or something. Anything is better than having to deal with celebrity drama.

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