This is not Eagle High School, this is the College Of Eastern Utah

Posted Thursday, February 16, 2006 - 12:00am

Hi, my name is Anonymous; I would like to invite you to my school of students with great potential. I would like to invite you to a school of students that are willing to try as hard as they can, that are willing to fight for what is right, that are willing to give up their lives for a good cause. I invite you to a school that not only has students with individual values, but students with group skills and an understanding of group relationships.

I would like to invite you to a school with magnificent instructors. These instructors care for each and everyone of the student body, even those of which they do not know. These instructors do not crave power, these instructors do not crave money; but instead they crave the good of the student body.

I would like to invite you to not only become part of our student body, but become part of this family of people who meet in this common place of the College of Eastern Utah for one common goal; so that everyone may have a chance at education.

I write to you now, student leaders, because many of our students are lost on a path to self destruction; and because many of our instructors are trapped in a net of deception. I call on you, leaders, to help me win back the pride that was once instituted within each of CEU's members that attended its excellence.

I call you, ASCEU, out of the crowd to restore what we had years ago. I call you student leaders, speakers of and for this family of students, to bring our image above that of all others so that we, as a college, may increase by 200 members, instead of letting it fall by 200 members. I call you now because every single one of our departments is failing in at least one way.

I call you now, because many of our students grow hungrier day by day as they choose to skip lunch because of poor quality. I beg you to revise the policies that protect the residence and the non-residence from harm.

I thank you much for listening to my call for help, but I have many warnings in which you may want to put in the light to observe. Many of the students that attend our school have forfeited the vision for a better society and have decided to deceive themselves into believing that the best is too far to reach, and are willing to defend this almost till the end. Many have lost sight of the future; many have lost sight of the responsibilities in which they are required by life to uphold.

Many of the instructors have lost sight of the goals in which they hope to achieve. Many, even at this small school, have lost the concept of "relationship" with their fellow students, and with the student body in which they serve.

Many of the faculy misplaced the duties and cannot find them. In this event, they replaced these duties with other assignments, other assignments that I do not know of, but these assignments they will use so that they will not have to move into a situation of change.

The future of this school depends on you. This college survival depends on you. Many of the students want this college to be its own entity, to be something to stand up for, depend on you. Now it is time for action, it is time to stand up for what is right.

Many of the activities in this school hold a poor attendance record, there is no one to blame except for everyone. The athletics department has poor win/loss records, there is no one to blame except for everyone. Many of the departments have received poor attendance, and recruitment records, there is no one to blame except for everyone. Many complain about the food that is produced by the cafeteria, there is no one to blame except for everyone.

Your job, ASCEU, is to give us a reason. Your job is to give your student body, and as our voice, to give your body a reason to work, a reason to try. Give us a reason to fight for this school, and we will fight until the end. With words or with performance let this purpose show in the students of this college.

After this purpose has been composed, after you have given the body of CEU its mission, give us a way we can fulfill that purpose. Once you have come up with a way we all can contribute and fulfill the mission in which you give us, advertise our duties so that we know what we need to participate in, so we now which areas we want to help in.

By doing these things, you will not only secure the school's right to survive the harsh challenges the world will throw, but you will also ensure that when a student leaves this institution, that they will walk away with more then just. "It was a nice 'second high school.'" This is not Eagle high my friends. This is the College Of Eastern Utah.

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