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Make the Eagle the true voice of CEU
Posted Thursday, January 17, 2008 - 12:00am

While you are cruising around campus scoping potential

romance, or even going to class, the staff of the newspaper you

are reading right now would like to hear from you. Got a hot

story? See something interesting, unfair, or just too juicy to keep

to yourself? Does someone you know deserve some recognition?

Did you or someone you know have an unusual experience?

Have you recently taken a hot or cool picture of your friends,

your signifi cant other? Send your stories and/or pictures to us

at the Eagle. Every writer for your newspaper has their e-mail

address listed on page three of the paper ... drop one of them a

line, come by our offi ce in the SAC building room 109, or give

us a call at 613-5250.

You can also express your opinion by writing a letter to the

editor. Address your letter to:

[email protected] or

The Eagle


451 E. 400 N.

Price, UT 84501

Let's reward tolerance, hard work and good deeds to those

that deserve it. On the other hand ... let's expose inequality,

unfairness, and injustice.

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Really? Though I graduated many years ago, I still read The Eagle Online. Unfortunately, this paper has turned into a PR rag in the last year. The ethics and independence that used to be so important to The Eagle are a thing of the past.