Nathan Hardman

Waiting for the season to begin
Posted Wednesday, January 27, 2010 - 12:33pm

In American Fork, Utah, on April 10, 1991, Mark and Diane Hardman were blessed with a sweet baby; Nathaniel M. Hardman. Who is this male, you may ask? He is a pitcher on the College of Eastern Utah Baseball team. He graduated from Pleasant Grove High School in 2009.

As a child, he was interested in all sports; basketball, football, baseball. You name it he played it. But his real love was baseball. He pitched for Pleasant Grove and was successful with his high school career. Now Hardman goes to college and plays baseball at CEU. His roommate McClain Griffin said, "he is a good player." McClain is very detailed with his answers.

Other interests of Hardman's include music, long boarding, and just "chillin". His ambitions in life are, the Major Leagues. But if that doesn't work out for Hardman, he is interested in becoming an architect.

A fun fact or two about him is that the most meaningful book he has ever read is the only book he has actually ever read: "The Book of Mormon." Also, in baseball, pitchers have what are called walk-out songs. A walk-out song is a song played when the pitcher walks to the mound. He says that he doesn't have a walk-out song yet but he wants it to be "Big Papa"by Notorious B.I.G.

Some crazy things about Hardman are when he was asked what was the most rebellious thing he's ever done, He replied with: "Crap I don't want to say ... .let's just say this, I faked a kidnapping." Asking him to go into further detail, he said they tied his friend up, put him in the trunk and went to WalMart. The cops got called on them and they were in big trouble. If you are interested in any further remarks about the fake kidnapping, contact him!

The last crazy thing about Hardman that we should probably all know is where he would get a tattoo, and what it would be of. He says that if he were to get a tattoo, it would be "something crazy, meaningful across the back of my shoulders."

So, he obviously is a pretty amazing guy on the CEU Baseball team. He hopes everyone will support the baseball team this upcoming season. The season starts this spring.

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