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A brief thought of this past scholastic year at the College of Eastern Utah might render a bevy of negative feelings and a variety of mundane days, classes and social life. But, when one takes the time to truly contemplate this past year, that person will uncover a treasure chest accumulated of life-long friendships, healthy relationships with teachers, and entertainment that can only be found in Paradise Price. As I have reflected upon this past year I have gained a much greater appreciation for what I had thought was a pretty lame place to go to school.

Granted Price does not offer the same kinds of social events as the schools in bigger cities, but it is not the events that are remembered, it is the relationships you have with others. Having the opportunity to get to know a majority of the students is a trademark of CEU and cannot be accomplished at the bigger schools. This reason, as many will agree, has made this past year a success.

On top of the relationships with fellow peers, the opportunity to have teachers that know who you are and are willing to work with you individually, has made this past year at CEU very convenient. Occasionally, there is a teacher that is so biased and politically polluted that they seem to discriminate against the ideas and free minds of their students. But overall the teachers have been fantastic this year and offered avenues of success in our educational endeavors.

Anyone familiar with college life understands that academics are just part of the experience. Having fun is the core element in any successful collegiate career. There is a common phrase that lingers in the minds of the entertainment entrepreneurs at CEU. It is always attached with a realization that Price doesn't offer much entertainment. The phrase is, "You have to make your own fun at CEU." This statement, of truth I might add, if grasped and carried through at CEU, would alleviate the pains of any student with a case of the CEU blues. I can think of many instances where nothing to do was replaced with exciting and very entertaining activities that I would have never done unless I was at CEU.

I have only listed a few of the many positives aspects of the CEU journey. There are many others that you will think of as you truly reflect upon the experiences and relationships that you have had this last year. The only thing that I would ask, for those of us that will be back next year, is that we continue to make CEU an enjoyable oasis in the midst of a dull and uneventful desert.

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