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This year's Mr. CEU pageant had a diverse effect on several staff and students. Throughout the pageant many students were diverting or wiping their eyes, because of the many thrusting movements, crotch shots and hilarious antics by pageant contestants.

February 13, the day after the women of CEU competed for the prestigious crown, the Mr. CEU pageant took over the Geary Theatre and changed the atmosphere from serious to hilarious.

KC Smurthwaite was crowned Mr. CEU 2009 with Christopher Howes as first attendant and Claudiu Bora as second attendant. Smurthwaite was rewarded with: $50, money on his meal card, a large goblet, a crown and a kiss on the cheek by Miss CEU 2009 Jesi Gurney. Scream Team sponsored Smurthwaite and received $200.

Smurthwaite said that everyone had high hopes for winning and "we all helped each other ... everyone did a real good job." During his year reign as Mr. CEU, Smurthwaite plans on "renaming the Geary Theater to the Smurthwaite Theatre." He also plans to start a tradition of handing down something from year to year. Mitch Moore, KC's teammate said about the pageant, "I think it was a good display of a few good talented guys and a few bums ... KC was smashing." During school at Mountain View High in Boise, Idaho, he attempted to compete in Mr. Mountain View, but was turned away by business teacher Dane Roy who didn't think Smurthwaite would be funny,

Smurthwaite went through the night with an "Obama-like" platform- "Make change we can believe in," an elaborate dance with streamers and batons during the talent portion, was escorted by an entourage of women, an "Obama-like" speech during the on-stage questions, and an over-exaggerated reaction to winning the Mr. CEU 2009 title. Howes, first attendant showed a fit body, quirky smile and martial-arts-like apparel during his talent portion of the evening. Second attendant Bora showed his skills in social dance when he partnered with a young woman and gave a performance many were impressed with.

Although they didn't place the other men who competed in the pageant put on a great performance and had the crowd howling with laughter. These men include: Chris Bevan, David Osborne Jr., Ashton Scarlet, Bradley Brinkerhoff, Wilford (Willie) Woodruff, Joel Garvin and Ben Bjarnson.

Woodruff was carried on-stage by members of the CEU volleyball team during the formal wear portion and gave one one of the best impressions of an eagle before the final results were read. Woodruff signed up for Mr. CEU after being conned into it by Katie Marx. Whom he reports tricked him by "witchcraft." Brinkerhoff showed off a chest of steel during the opening number that had many women staring and gave a lyrical dance performance in a tutu during his talent section. Bjarnson showed off quite a bit of leg during the evening wear portion when he sported what appeared to be a loincloth-like bottom. Bevan also showed quite a bit of leg when he danced around in short-shorts and gave several open-legged crotch shots to the audience. Members of the Eagle Dance Team assisted Scarlet when he performed a dance on stage and when he walked out in his formal wear.

The Mr. CEU pageant presented a fun, laughter-filled night for students, faculty, and members of the community.

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