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SUN Center has four new leaders this spring semester; Riley Messick, Monica Parkinson, Alex Cale, and Jill Fincher. Each of these new leaders will bring great ideas and new service projects to the table. But who are these new leaders?

Riley Messick is majoring in physical therapy. He became a SUN Center leader because it is a good way to be involved. He loves wakeboarding, and once had a Brown Recluse Spider named Scotty as a pet. He would like to do some service projects involving the clean-up and beautification of local bike trails and will be volunteering at many others.

Known somewhat for her distinct and lovable laugh, Monica Parkinson is excited to be one of SUN Center’s new leaders. Parkinson said this about her new position, “I am a SUN Center Leader because I love serving. Service is great! I loved going to the projects and thought that I would enjoy organizing some of my own.” Some of her favorite things are food, singing and playing the ukulele.

“I love service!” exclaimed Alex Cale, when asked why she decided to become a SUN Center leader. She is in the cosmetology program, and would like to use her skills within her service projects in the community. A great thing to know about Cale is that she loves Disney and Disneyland. She also loves dancing, singing, and expressing herself through performing.

Jill Fincher volunteered at the Kids @ Heart project last semester and loved it. She then decided that she wanted to be a leader in the SUN Center. She loves clothes, spaghettios, her fish named Choncho, smiling, and being crazy. She was also stung by a stingray on her first trip to the ocean. Fincher would like to make a difference through working with the Kids @ Heart project.

Each of these new leaders will certainly bring new life and energy to the SUN Center. SUN Center president, Shanna Frame, is excited to have them on board. Frame stated this about the new leaders, “I am sure they will be great! They’ve already brought some new ideas, and fit right in with everyone else. We can’t help but smile, and have a good time when we’re all together.” SUN Center is definitely ready to have a great semester.

For information on upcoming events and to sign-up, visit the SUN Center on the second floor of the Jennifer Levitt Student Center or call 435-613-5284.

SUN Center advisor, Terry Johnson said, “We most likely have a project that interests you, so we look forward to receiving a call and seeing you in the SUN Center soon.”

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