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Some take drugs to feel better, others to get high.Now, in the age of the internet people are marketing new “smart” drugs. Of course I did the responsible thing after finding out about the drugs and ordered two different types of drugs to test.

The two drugs are Phenibut and Piracetam. According to Wikipedia these drugs are both nootropic and is a cognitive enhancer that is neuroprotective/nontoxic. Nootropic is a term created Corneliu E. Giurgea a Romanian chemist and according to Corneliu nootropics must have these five characteristics: 1. Enhance memory and learning, 2. Enhance resistance to learned behavior, 3. Protect the brain from injury, 4. Increase the efficiency of the cortical/subcortical (part of the cerebral cortex), 5. Should not have any sedative effects, few side effects and a low toxicity.

Judging by those five characteristics these drugs are some sort of super drug that makes you smarter and actually protects your brain. So I delved through reports in medical journals trying to find the real side effects and again I could find nothing. The drugs are usually tested on lab rats and people with various mental problems such as Alzheimers. The negative side effects of Piracetam seem to vary from person to person and the most common issue being a pressure in the brain causing a headache. Phenibut has more problems like: The body builds a tolerance to it very quickly, and there is a 3-4 day withdrawal phase where you can’t eat, lose sleep and anxiety also can increase to the point of panic attacks.

These drugs not being regulated leads to numerous ways to dose oneself and searching various internet forums the general consensus is to try an “attack” dose first. An attack dose is to take four times the amount you plan on taking to make sure you get the effects. Now the effects of taking a large amount is described as being drunk without the stumbling or slurring. The day after people generally describe feeling drunk and having a hangover at the same time.

I started off dosing my self with 900 mgs of Phenibut and it took a full two hours to actually begin to feel any effects. When the drug finally hit, it hit hard. First thing I noticed was that I was no longer tired and I started to talk more than I usually do resulting in multiple people telling me to shut up . I was also the happiest I have ever been while driving an hour home, and its use as a study aide by itself was very effective at helping my keep focus and keep awake.

The piracetam I take twice a day and it takes around a week for the full effects of the drug to become really noticeable. The effects I noticed first in my math class and not only did it keep me awake, but it also made actually take interest in what he was teaching. I also tend to sleep longer and wake up feeling refreshed without drinking my morning coffee.

Remember that nootropics are not a cure for stupid, they affect everyone differently and you should consult a doctor before taking any pills you order off the internet.

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