A make-over for your New Year compliments of CEU's cosmetology department


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Upon my first visit to the cosmetology department at the College of Eastern Utah, I didn't know what to expect. To be completely honest, I was a little nervous, but such feelings were completely unnecessary.

The students in the cosmetology program are instructed to satisfy their clients. I ended up with dyed hair of various colors and a simple trim, which was an awesome style to go with my new, spunky look. Jesi Gurney was the student who helped me and she agreed to answer a few questions about the program.

Many of the students in the program focus mainly on their degree in cosmetology before they go for their general education classes, but this is not the case for all of them. Gurney, for example, has decided to brave the waters and go for both at the same time. This isn't exactly an easy task to do.

In order for students to graduate in cosmetology, they must complete 2,000 hours of practice, which means that they have to put in about six hours a day. Luckily for these students, if they start their degree in high school they can transfer hours they completed there. This can help considerably in their quest to graduate.

Linda Davis, a cosmetology instructor, said there are actually three programs available: nail technician, barbering and cosmetology. While cosmetology students have to complete 2,000 hours, nail technicians need 300 hours and barbering 1,000 hours.

In order for the students to work in this field, they need to buy a kit, which includes the tools they will use in the program. There are separate kits for each of the programs they offer. For barbering and nail technician, the kit is $1,200, but for cosmetology, the kit costs $1,750. That doesn't sound too appealing to a college student, unless of course that college student is majoring in one of these areas.

Gurney's favorite service is giving "drastic changes." She gave examples like cutting really long hair to a shorter length, or dying hair to various different colors. Her favorite part of the program is, "Oh, just all of it," she replied happily.

The cosmetology department helps with activities on campus as well. For instance, Spring Fest is planned for the weekend of Feb. 6-7. Their department is putting together a two-day bridal, fashion and prom show. The money made at the Spring Fest goes towards the scholarship fund in the department.

They also compete in state and national competitions. At the end of March, they will take students to the Skills USA competition for the state. Then, if they earn first place, they continue on to the national competition in Kansas City. Last year at state, Danielle Christensen placed first, and Nicole Gustas, Allison Jarrett, and Jenny Dastrup placed third. Christensen then went on to nationals and placed second. Nationals this year will be June 22-27. Welding, auto and diesel are other programs that compete in the Skills USA state competitions.

The students who work at the cosmetology school are kind and friendly. If you were to go in and have no idea what you wanted, like I did, they are more than willing to give their input to make sure you are fully satisfied. I highly recommend their services.

Some of the less known services they offer are: scalp and conditioning treatments, aroma therapy, facials, lash and brow tint, manicures and pedicures, acrylic nails, and permanent waves. The cost is very low and the service is extremely high.

The service I received was great and I absolutely love what they did. I will make sure to visit them regularly with all my cosmetology needs.

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