Maddi Hind: when life gives you lemons, make grape juice

Posted Wednesday, December 8, 2010 - 9:10pm

In basketball there are five positions on the court. The point guard: the quarterback and the brains of the basketball court. The shooting guard: the person that no matter the pressure they can make points under any circumstance. The forward/guard, also known as the no. three position: this person is your gunner and needs to be quick. The power forward, your first post player: This person should be strong, a hard worker, have the ability to muscle people around, and shoot the J as well. Then there is the center: the last line of defense and the “big man” on the court.

As the center, this person is at the middle of the entire operation. When everything goes wrong, they are the last one under the basket. Whether that is to stop the other team from scoring, to post up and score, or to grab the rebound you need someone strong and determined. For the CEU woman’s basketball team that post player is Maddi Hind.

Because of Hind’s determination, strength, optimism, and leadership, her teammates voted Hind as a captain. “It’s a privilege and an honor to be a captain this year. It shows me that I have the respect of my teammates and coaches that I will do my job. As one of the few returners, I wanted to be a leader and show by example. For me to have the respect from my team and my coaches means a lot to me because it shows they have faith in me,” Hind says.

Her determination and strength came from overcoming a great trial. She grew up mostly in West Jordan, living there for 12 years with her grandparents and her mother. “Growing up without my father is my no. one trial in my life. I never had the opportunity to learn from the things most little girls learn from their fathers. I had to rely on my mom to teach me certain things that she didn’t know. She also depended on me to keep our family together.

“It was hard being younger, going to friend’s houses, seeing their dads, and hearing about how they were daddy’s little girls. It left me wondering why I can’t my father be there for me. But it also taught me that I’m very independent. This left me with a great respect for my mother and her own trials she had to go through as a single parent. It is she that inspires me to do everything I can to make our lives and futures better. Without my mother I would not be where I am today,” Hind tells of her life.

While growing up, Hind found determination in her athletic abilities. Basketball was not the only sport that showed incredible talent. She also played softball, soccer, indoor hockey, and indoor soccer. Softball was her favorite because of her love of the outdoors. She also loved the fact that it takes a lot of patience and skills.

“Softball was my life before basketball,” Hind expresses. Her switch from softball to basketball came after she would go and watch her God father play for the Utah Jazz. “Seeing how fun it was for them really inspired me to play because it seemed like a lot of fun.”

After this year, Hind hopes to transfer to a bigger school to play basketball and continue her education. Her long term goals include one day playing over sees. With her optimistic outlook, willpower and persistence this goal looks very promising.

Hind’s teammates are thankful to have such a leader to help and inspire them. This year will be a success no matter what the win/lose statistics are because of the example and friendships they have with Maddi Hind. She says, “When life gives you lemons, make grape juice and share it with everyone.”

Hind would like to thank Coach Paur for giving her the opportunity to play for this program and for his continuous support. “Thank you for giving me these chances to succeed in my life. Also, thank you to the Price community for coming to support us and showing such great hospitality. Thank you to the CEU staff’s hospitality as well.”

Softball, because i love being outside and being able to play a game that requires a lot of skill and a lot of patience. Softball was my life before basketball.

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