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Utah Legislature
Posted Thursday, February 11, 2010 - 6:32am

State health reform, federal health reform, retirement benefits, and specific abortion amendments are among key issues Utah's Legislature is painstakingly working on this year. Although there are a plethora of other bills being reviewed and considered, State Bill 69 is an important piece of legislation for those who have links with the College of Eastern Utah.

SB 69 is the bill that would lawfully enact the merger between Utah State University and CEU. The bill was introduced in Utah's Senate on the 5th of February. David Hinkins, Utah senator from the 27th district, is the sponsor of this bill.

Passing this piece of legislation isn't exactly going to be a walk in the park. According to Deseret News writer Wendy Leonard " ... the issue of merging the College of Eastern Utah with the efforts of Utah State University will be one that lawmakers struggle over, as USU would have to take on several challenges in adopting the functions of the two-year school in southeastern Utah."

The proposed implementation of the merger is supposed to take place on July 1. So from now until then it is up to the State's Legislation to decide the fate of the combined affiliation of USU and CEU.

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