Local art student sets site on attending Southern Oregon University

Posted Thursday, January 29, 2004 - 12:00am

Paul Michael Nieminen followed a girl to Price from Lansing, Mich. He came here after the girl told him that their love would last forever. Much to his surprise, a short time later, they parted ways and he focused his time on his first true love ... painting. He now paints with the passion that he was wasting on that girl.

He acquired his talents from his mother who taught art classes in her basement when Nieminen was a small boy. His favorite medium is pencil; he feels that he has mastered the technique of drawing so he can let his audience better feel the emotion behind his art.

Nieminen has been at CEU two years and is ready to graduate and attend Southern Oregon University to further his education in art. Lately he has been exploring the technique of painting, after enrolling in a painting class offered by CEU art instructor Cliff Bergera. However, he feels that he is going somewhere in the field of printmaking taught by Brent Haddock.

Besides art, he enjoys skateboarding and snowboarding. He produced and edited a skate video that was shown in CEU's Little Theater. He is making a second video that will be done sometime near the end of the semester. Other than that, Nieminen likes to party and chill with his family and friends. He would like to send a shout out to his mom for his talent and to his pop for all his support, and a word up to Haddock for the mad hookups. His thanks his crew of Harmon, Dave "the actor" Bohnet, Derek Diamanti, Kamron Atwood and all the "Price scabs." If you are interested in his artwork contact him at [email protected] or just ask to see his portfolio.

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