Little is a spontaneous, randomly funny athlete

Posted Thursday, December 7, 2006 - 12:00am

Staci Little was born in Salt Lake City, moved to Alameda, California where she lived for eight years then, moved back into the Salt Lake Valley. She attended Cottonwood High School where she played basketball and soccer.

Little chose to attend CEU because she was attending SUU and decided to transfer to the College of Eastern Utah randomly.

She has no idea where she will be in five years but wants to remain how she is now, spontaneous and randomly funny. If Little could look back ten years and define herself now, she says she is totally random and cannot control her thoughts, and is never boring. In ten years she hopes to be the same, she does not want to change a bit.

Little enjoys traveling to Salt Lake on the weekends or whenever she has a break from school. When she visits the Salt Lake Valley, her favorite things are to hang out with her best friend, her family and her boyfriend. She said, "I love Salt Lake."

Little also likes attending CEU; her favorite part of school is being able to play on the women's basketball team. She loves the team, the coaches and the sport.

Despite the fact her major is still undecided, Little would like a career coaching high school basketball. In the summer she coached a little bit at a basketball camp and enjoyed it, so she decided to enroll in a few coaching classes.

If Little could do anything in the entire world, she would like to take a vacation to Australia.

She has three other siblings besides herself, an older sister that is twenty one years old, and two twin brothers that are living at home, both are 15. Little then said, They're a riot, let me tell you."

Little later went on to talk about her experience attending CEU saying, "It's been the best time of my life, I love the team and I love playing."

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