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Posted Wednesday, February 25, 2009 - 5:32pm

LearningExpress Library provides an opportunity for students to practice tests and tutorials on a specific subject. LearningExpress Library offers practice tests in the academic field as well as licensing tests. Students receive immediate feedback on scores with complete answer explanations, and an individualized analysis of test results.

Through the end of the semester, LearningExpress Library may be accessed from the CEU Library's announcement area of the homepage at: LearningExpress Library may also be accessed off campus by typing in the following URL:

To access tests, users must have a current CEU library card. The account number is your CEU library card number. The student selects a unique password. Please take some time and try out LearningExpress Library. Please feel free to contact the CEU Library at 613-5328 for further assistance.

There are over 300 practice tests and courses that benefit everyone including students, instructors, administrators and continuing education.

The tests provide a mirror of official tests so students gain familiarity with the test format and focused practice produces higher scores.

An immediate feedback on performance targets specific areas for improvement and avoiding studying areas already mastered.

A detailed explanation of right and wrong answers help develop critical thinking skills and increases knowledge base in curriculum area.

An ability to finish later fits any student's schedule and flexibility for use in classroom or as assignments.

The unlimited remote access gives practice at one's convenience, any time, anywhere plus practice is always there, 24/7, allowing for flexibility. "Highly recommended for all libraries with test preparation collections."

People in the field write, "Your program is one of the best investments our library has made in educational tools. After using it to practice for the ACT, one student received a full scholarship to Jacksonville State University. Serving an area that faces demanding economic challenges, your program allows our library to provide more comprehensive services to our patrons," says Teresa Kiser, Public Library of Anniston-Calhoun County, Anniston, Ala.

"This is a wonderful site and tremendous resource for our adult education students. In my career as a teacher of high school students, I have never been as impressed with an educational tool as I am with this material," Beverly I. Murphy, McCreary Adult Ed and Family Literacy, Whitley City, Ken.

"Our students are given a distinct advantage by being able to take practice tests. They go into their exams feeling more confident and are better prepared. LearningExpress helps us as educators by providing this opportunity to them."

Jeff Richard, Career Center,

Sanborn Regional High School, Kingston, NH

"When I searched the field for the best materials for basic skills instruction, I found LearningExpress, whose guides are clear, sound and easy to use. They are outstanding."

Tom Evans, Former Chair of Trustees, Adjunct Professor, Educational Administration, Teachers College Columbia University, and Founder, The Mentor Centre, New York, New York

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