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Posted Wednesday, December 2, 2009 - 2:41am

Okay, while the title might seem like an oxymoron, it is possible to say “no” to a date without ever being asked; but, going back to my previous article, “Why in the good Hell would you ever want to!?” Throughout my dating experiences, I’ve come up with a few key ideas to help ladies with the pre-emptive no.

First Key Idea- When you don’t want to be asked out, do something disgusting in front of the guy. Some of the things I’ve seen are: no showering, no deodorant, don’t do your hair, don’t do your makeup, pick your nose (even though 99.9% of us do it), or my personal favorite, eat a can of beans the day before and be a stink-pot in class. While some of these things seem really silly, they do work.

Next Key Idea- Swear like a sailor. I know in my travels, one of the main things I’ve noticed is that we’ve lost the femininity in the better sex (women). So many of our beautiful women today strive to be like men, why? There isn’t that much to men: sex, food, beer and sex. (Yes, ladies all men love beer. I don’t care what his personal religious affiliation is, it’s bred into us). Men--(not boys)--are looking for a woman to compliment them in their life. If you’re swearing like a sailor and acting like a man; why would any self-respecting man want you?

Third and final Key Idea- Don’t act like yourself. Men--(not boys)--can tell when a woman is faking something, (Yes, I just went there). One of my biggest pet peeves is when people try to be someone else around a group of people to gain acceptance. Men don’t want to be around fake people; men don’t want to play games.

If you find yourself at home on a Friday night without a date; maybe, just maybe, you’re doing one of the 3 Key Ideas of the pre-emptive no. Let’s go over them again for all my hard of learning friends;

If you don’t want a date:

1. Have no Hygiene.

2. Act like a drunken red-neck and drop the “F” bomb every other word.

3. Have no self respect for who you are.

There are 3 really key ideas that you can use when trying to get a guy not to ask you out. Just make sure you use them wisely because more than just him maybe watching.

In this article you saw me refer to the difference between a “man” and a “boy.” What makes a man is not the money he makes, the car he drives, or any other worldly possession. It’s the ability in our hearts to love our fellow man, or woman. That’s the measure of a man and the main difference between the two.

One more thing is bothering me; people calling me names or telling me to shut my mouth. One of the most basic principles of freedom we have is free speech. Free speech is one of the things that separate us from places like Russia and China. Does it bother me that you don’t know me but call me names and tell me to shut my mouth? Yes. Will I call you names or tell you to shut your mouth? Never. I will protect your right to call me names all day and night. This is what America is all about; the freedom to have a different view without being wrong or right and the ability to express those views. So grow up.

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