Lemon Jumper perfoms at SLC's Hard Rock Cafe with ROCK 4 X-MAS Tour


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CEU's Keenan Ryan rubs shoulders with rock legends in SLC
Posted Thursday, November 13, 2003 - 12:00am

A local band from Brigham City has been busy this month with live performances from Logan to Price. "Lemon Jumper" has recently performed at the Hard Rock Café  in Salt Lake City with the "Rock 4 X-mas tour". The "Rock 4 X-mas tour" is a fundraiser to help families and children during Christmas time.

Besides Lemon Jumper, the drummer from Journey and ACDC, Paul Shortino from Quiet Riot and many more were involved with the Salt Lake City "Rock 4 X-mas".

"When I got to the Hard Rock Café , I was introduced to a lot of old rock star dudes. You knew which guys were the musicians because they still had that 80's rock star look. After we played, we went up to the bar (where all the musicians were) and an old biker looking guy stopped me and asked me if I realized if I knew that I was playing with guys that were twice my age. He tapped my shoulder and said 'your playing with fu*#ing rock stars tonight.' I was in total shock when he said that to me," said Keenan Ryan, drummer for Lemon Jumper.

Since it's beginning in February 2003, Lemon Jumper has tried to be as musically diverse as possible. Adding elements of funk, disco, rock, blues, and jazz together has spawned an, as of yet, unexplainable genre. A music genre which is enjoyable to all ages.

Things have moved faster than expected for Lemon Jumper. With a three song demo finished and filtering throughout northern Utah, there have been whisperings of T.V. appearances, as well as small record deals.

At the top of their list of priorities is the live show. A combined total of nearly 35 years of performing experience has created a show that is fun to watch and easy to listen to. On stage Lemon Jumper has been known to put their own spin on songs by classic rock bands, such as The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. Long solos and improvisations make each show a unique experience which is fun for the whole family.

Lemon Jumper is made up of Jena Barber on vocals; Christoph Barber on bass guitar; Keenan Ryan on drums and Travis Price on guitar.

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