Krum's strictness in teaching hopes to push students in their knowledge and potential

Posted Thursday, September 14, 2006 - 12:00am

There are many fresh new faces on campus this semester including an athletic-looking male wearing comfortable khaki pants who hangs around the dead animals in the upper hallways of the Reeves Building. He'll probably stop and ask you if you need help finding anything or anyone. As he introduces himself as Professor Jon Krum, you will be surprised to discover that he teaches at the College of Eastern Utah.

Krum came to Carbon County from the CEU San Juan campus in Blanding, where he had a great time. He is presently educating students in the art of biology, chemistry and other amazing sciences. He describes his teaching style as "energized" giving students the picture of a bunny always going. He is more strict than relaxed, in hopes that when students are pushed, they grow in their knowledge and potential. He has always wanted to be a teacher. He has a passion for educating to raise circumstances and helping others with the fact that no matter where you were born or what background you come from, if you keep learning it will open doors for you to bigger things. The bigger things he wants to accomplish this year are first; to simply survive, to develop a bio-diesel facility (to help all us starving students cut down on gas expenses), and organize an outdoor and a summer science club.

He enjoys all things outdoors especially mountain biking, kayaking, big game (moose, bear, bucks and does being some of his many targets) bow hunting, river rafting, hiking and camping. He does these things fearlessly and trains his young eight and six-year-old daughters to do the same. Being a tad over compulsive eccentric he tends to go all out in whatever he does, racking up costly gear, making his hobbies an expensive part of his life, much to his wife's dismay.

He has been happily married for nine years and has four children. His wife is one of his personal heroes, along with his parents and caring teachers.

He started attending college during the summer when he was 15 years old. He says he was still completing yearly high school for the social scene. He attended Weber State University, then received his Ph.D. from USU. The study of microbiology and how microbes survive in the world fascinated him

He may seem like a science geek, but let me assure you, Jonathan Krum is really a party guy at heart. He eagerly introduced me to his favorite bands (depending on what mood he's in). We grooved to The Crash Test Dummies, Cake, and Three Doors Down. He's also a really nice guy. He always picks up hitchhikers thinking, "what if that were me?" He would like to see more acceptance and consideration for others. His advice to all you students out there is, "Realize what you want to become and become it." It's not about what you can, but what you want.

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