Kimalee Oveson volunteers her time with the SUN Center


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Graduated from Bingham High School
Posted Thursday, November 20, 2008 - 6:31pm

Kimalee Oveson is a sophomore from South Jordan, Utah. She graduated from Bingham High in 2003 and is the oldest of five siblings, one boy and four girls. Oveson's major is psychology and she enjoys playing basketball and running. She also enjoys volunteering and serves as the student leader over the After School Club for the SUN Center.

Oveson became a leader because she wanted to get involved and have something to keep her busy. The After School Club is for children who live at the Housing Authority Complex. Volunteers meet with the kids for an hour after school and play games so that the children aren't home alone after school. Oveson chose this project because, "I felt bad for the children and also it sounded like a fun project."

She also volunteers at Head Start and at the Family Support and Children's Justice Center and serves on the ASCEU Special Events Committee. Kathy Murray, SUN Center director, says, "I am so impressed with Kimalee. She doesn't get discouraged easily and goes the extra mile to make sure things work."

An interesting fact about Oveson is that she has moved 20 times in her life, and has lived in Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Washington, California and Germany. Oveson's role model is her mother because "she's way cool and service is a huge part of her life. She's always doing service." Her most embarrassing moment happened on her high school prom night. "I was totally dressed up for the prom and fell down the stairs." Oveson has this advice for students: "get involved in the SUN Center because it's not all hard service like pulling weeds."

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