Joseph and the Amazing TechnicoloR DreamCoat

Posted Thursday, April 3, 2008 - 12:00am

Since the first production in 1968 the show, "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat", based on the biblical tale of Jacob's son Joseph and his 11 brothers, has proven to be one of the most enduring and endearing shows of all time. It is because of this legacy the Castle Valley Community Theatre is producing this show the next few weeks, something they have contemplated for a long time. The show runs from April 2-5, 7, 10-12 and 14 at 7:30 p.m. on the Mont Harmon Junior High stage.

"CVCT is made up of people who love theatre. We are a group of regular, everyday people who love plays – the stories they tell, the way they make us feel and think. As a group, we have dreamed of producing Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat for a long time. Once we didn't think we had enough men to do it – Then, along came a bunch of extraordinarily talented young people and we began to believe we could pull this off," said Madelaine Nyffler, artistic director.

"It is a great story – well loved the word over thanks to touring companies with various Osmonds. Andrew Lloyd Weber and Tim Rice have taken a biblical story and made it sing – literally. It is a story about family – love and jealousy, doing what is right when revenge seems more human. It is a story about following your dreams.

"This story about family has been a family affair for us as well. You will see many family names in our cast. We give thanks to the mothers and fathers who have made this show possible. I give thanks to the talented music director, childrens' choir directors, choreographer, scenic and prop artists, set, lights and sound designers – friends all – who have helped give shape and texture to this production. And to a cast who have shared their talent and time with us to bring you this musical romp through Canaan and Egypt.

"Many of this cast are well-loved CVCT regulars and we are thrilled with the newcomers who have joined us for this show. We hope they – and you – will join us at every opportunity to enjoy local talent playing on stage together to share uplifting stories that remind us how wonderful it is to be alive and have dreams to share," she said.

The cast includes people from all walks of life in the community including students and staff from the College of Eastern Utah.

"Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" is the story of Pharoah's Dreams from the Bible turned musical. It's told with the help of some narrators as if it were happening right now in these times – minus the costumes, of course – with references to things that weren't there in those times, such as "shares in pyramids."

There's an ensemble of cows and stars plus seven more cows and seven ears of corn played by children from the childrens' choir, which is made up of children as young as 5 up to age 13.

If you have ever watched CEU's womens' volleyball, then you've seen Brent Martindale on the sidelines. The college volleyball coach turns actor/singer shows off his un-known voice as "Pharoah".

If you are in the LDS Seminary at Carbon High School, you know Brother Ryan Maxfield as one of the teachers. He showcases his beautiful deep voice as the lead, Joseph, who is an honest man that has many dreams. His brothers are jealous of his dreams and the coat his father gave him, so they plot against him.

Other cast members include narrators: Gail Scoville, Jaimie Scoville, Sherrie Vlamakis, Nicole Manley and Rebecca Taylor; Joseph, Ryan Maxfeild; Pharoah, Brent Martindale; Jacob, Dean Nyffler; Potiphar, Kelton Wells; Potiphar's wife, Nicole Manley; baker, Jed Morley; and butler, Jerid Clark.

The brothers include Ron Patterson, Stewart Scoville, Bill Gibson, Valdean Jenkins, Jerid Clark, Josh Bone, Pete Yakovich, Jed Prettyman, Toby Prettyman, Kelton Wells and Aaron Bone.

The wives include Cami Maynes, Katie Palmer, Kami Johnson, Lacey Pugliese, Brooke Trowbridge, RaeLynn Jensen, Mikelle Dickson, Jill Fincher, Caitlyn Patterson, Erika Potts and Megan Barnett.

Pharoah's Minions include Brandon Gibson, Chance Richens, Brett Davis, Matt Timothy and Christian Johnson.

Hairy Ishmaelites include Kenny Hobbs, AJ Harmond and Matt Timothy.

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