Jasmine is allergic to being skinny


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Skinny women that hate the idea of a calorie are an abomination to the world. Women have this warped idea of what pretty is thanks to the stupid men that control the different clothing industries.

A woman that weighs less then 150 and only eats one salad a day is not pretty. A really healthy woman, a real women has curves.

I sat in Utah State University College of Eastern Utah’s cafeteria last week and I noticed that almost all the females were eating a salad.

I also over heard a conversation of someone I thought was too skinny talking about how fat she was. She was having a conversation about how she got jeans that were a size four and she couldn’t fit in them, she was too big.

I wanted to hit her, seeing as I wear size 12 jeans and they are too small for me. However, it’s not her fault that she is stupid. When you look at magazines, all those girls wear a size two and do the two-finger desert (throwing up) after every meal.

So I have decided it is society’s fault as to why young women have a low self esteem. It is society’s fault that women with curves are so under valued.

Be proud of your BIG butt and thick thighs. Love handles are nothing to be afraid of and there is nothing wrong with having a little stomach. You are going to end up fat anyway so embrace it now.

Sit, relax and eat some ice cream. If you are worrying about your man thinking that you are getting fat ask him. If you are, he will say, “Yes honey, but I love you anyway.”

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