It’s time to elect your new student body officers for 2013-2014

Posted Wednesday, January 30, 2013 - 6:29pm

Mark your calendars on Feb. 12-13 to vote for next year’s student body officers in the JLSC. USU Eastern is holding the annual election for the three student body officer positions. The positions include student body president, executive vice president, and vice president of activities. As usual, election time has stirred a lot of excitement throughout the campus. As the dust settles, the candidates for each position are finalizing their campaign and preparing for the upcoming debates on Feb. 8 at 5:30 p.m. in the JLSC multi purpose room.

President candidates: Lucas Madsen- I feel like my greatest strength as a leader is that I don’t expect anyone to do something that I wouldn’t be willing to do. I don’t like telling people what do to, but I like showing them and working together to accomplish a task. As of now, I feel that I represent, the baseball team and other athletes. Since I made this decision to run for student body president I have started to branch out and have met several new people who have addressed me with concerns of theirs. I now feel like it is my responsibility to win the election and fix those concerns of theirs. I realize I am not yet president but I am willing to represent the student body as a whole.

Carolyn Thorton- I am running for this position because I care about the program. I feel like my ideas would benefit this school as a whole. I love this school and want to give back. It has given me a lot of opportunities to grow. I have a talent for listening to both individuals and groups. I will listen to the student body to help this school become bigger brighter and better. As a student leader I know I would represent all of the students at USU Eastern and in that role I feel I can represent all interests and objectives.

Executive Vice President candidates: Arsene Hugisha- I am running for the position of vice president of activities because I believe I can make a difference if I got elected. I would be very willing to work on any of Eastern student’s good ideas to create a better environment of fun and stree reliefe. The other reason why I would run for this is that I value very much others opinions, but I am not afraid to voice my own and stand up for what is right. I feel I represent diverse students in many different ways and I want to ensure a vibrant, interesting and diverse student life at Eastern.

Chelsea Sorensen – I am extremely knowledgeable about USU Eastern. I have grown to love Eastern and want other students to have a positive experience on campus. Through educating students and supporting student services on campus I believe I can make a difference in their education. I represent multiple groups of student here on campus; first and foremost students who want to gain an education. More specifically, I am a hall director and understand student needs that live on campus. I work very closely with the psychology club, which is mainly non traditional and off campus students. Being upperclassman on campus I am familiar with multiple groups and have had the experience of working for the good of the institution as a whole.

Vice President of Activities candidate:

Miranda Cox: Next year I will be a sophomore here at Eastern. I am running for this position because I see it as a great opportunity to use and enhance what I have learned this year as an event director. I feel I can represent the student body by building upon the relationships and memories I have enjoyed this past year. For example, I have participated in the theatre department, choir department, Scream Team, and the SUN involvement center. I live in the residence halls and know what it’s like for most students. I have also worked closely with international students, non-traditional students as well as dining services. Currently, the Activities team on ESA puts on an event every Friday, and sometimes more. I know what needs to happen in order for these events to occur and what kinds of things to expect when dealing with complicated situations. I plan on using the experiences I have gained and the support of the Activities team to help all Eastern students get involved and love being a Golden Eagle!

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