Irvine retires to get involved in service in Utah Valley


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After 18 years as a science instructor at the College of Eastern Utah, Stanley R. Irvine, Ph.D., decided to retire. Some of the classes he taught include anatomy, physiology, biology, mathematics and chemistry at CEU. This semester, his teaching load is primarily teaching biology classes.

Before coming to CEU, he was employed at St. Mary's College in Dodge City, Kansas were he was dean of science and director of development.

His children have attended CEU with one of his sons graduating from BYU this semester. His other two sons are in-laws and completing their master's of science degrees this year.   One of his daughters is graduating from Utah Valley State College. And his last daughter completed her licensed practical nursing degree at CEU. After Irvine completes this semester at college, he plans to move to Spanish Fork, Utah. He purchased a house there with his wife Karen last summer and now will reside there full time and will work part time in the Provo LDS Temple. He and his wife plan to serve an LDS mission eventually.

Irvine has always had an interest in biology, he could not explain why he had this interest but he know he had one letting him teach biology this many years of it.

Irvine's has a lot of knowledge on science having his bachelor's of science in zoology and in chemistry, a master's degree in microbiology and biochemistry, and a Ph.D. in genetics.

When attending all those years of college, Irvine admitted that money was never an obstacle for him. He went to the military plus he also received grants and scholarships.

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Has it been 18 yrs. already? Thanks Stan... it was a pleasure getting to know you and your family.