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McKay LaSalle

guest writer

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One Christmas my older brother got a basketball hoop. We started to have basketball competitions and, of course, he would always win. He was bigger, stronger and at the time faster. This became a competition between us. I fell in love with the game.

I am basketball, when I am on the court I am home. The best part of my day is when I get to play ball, there is nothing better knowing you are busting your butt up and down the court, playing the game that you love. Competing against athletes that are as good of a player as you or better. Then winning is amazing.

I came to Utah State University-College of Eastern Utah because of Coach Brad Barton. I know the desire that he has for the game, IT is unlike any coach or player I have ever met. Coach Barton’s passion for basketball is so contagious; he wants to win and I want to be successful. Coach Barton gives you the opportunity to become a great player and person, but you have to work hard.

Coming here and playing basketball is everything that I thought it would. I know Coach Barton and what type of coach he is. I knew that if I came here, I would have to work hard every minute of everyday because you do not just work hard on the court, you work hard in school as well. The coach pushes you to what you think are your limits and it makes you better.

If we do the things that Coach Barton asks of us as players, we will win the national title. It might hurt now, but it will benefit us later.

As a freshman, my teammates do not think of me as a leader for the team. That does not bother me because you do not need the title of captain to be a leader. I can lead by my example, by running hard in practice and getting back on defense. Once I have proved myself that way, then I will get the respect I have earned and I be able to lead with my voice.

In basketball you always have to think about the next play, always think about what could happen during a game. Since I am basketball, all I do is think about what is coming and what type of outcome my actions will have on and off the court.

School on the other hand is challenging, but still fun. I am excited that I get to go to class and learn something new each day. Knowledge is power.

If basketball does not take me anywhere, like I hope that it does, I would like to have an education that would allow me to be successful.

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