How to not get sick this winter; tips to stay healthy


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It’s November, which means winter, right? With winter comes turkeys, mistletoe and last, but certainly not least, illness.

Many people get flu shots every fall/winter yet somehow manage to get sick. This can be prevented as well.

According to, “The reason we get colds in the winter isn’t directly linked to cold weather . . . It’s that we spend more time indoors with other people and their germs.”

Are we supposed to just stay inside, alone, and not touch anything which anyone has touched? reported, “Respiratory viruses, including those that cause flu, are highly contagious and can survive for hours on skin, furniture, doorknobs and the like.”

This means that you need to walk around with a face mask and latex gloves on at all times, right? No. It means that washing of the hands and body is going to become your new best friend. Dr. Carolyn C. Lopez, of the American Academy of Family Physicians said, “Good hand washing will do more to prevent the spread of illness and respiratory infection than anything else.”

What are other things to be done to limit the spread of illness? says there are seven basic steps to limiting the spread of influenza: “1) Drink plenty of liquids: water, soup, hot chocolates, cranberry juice, tea, etc. You need to keep your body hydrated.

“2) Wash your hands on a frequent basis, especially after going to the gym or being on the subway, at a restaurant, or any public place. And don’t touch your skin, mouth and eyes if you have dirty hands.

“3) Try to eat one kiwi a meal: breakfast lunch and dinner; and also one square of dark chocolate every morning.

“4) Eat more calories and get your proteins.

“5) Get eight hours of sleep.

“6) Humidify your place: heating systems dry your house, which causes dryness of the moist lining of the nasal membranes and respiratory passages. You should keep your thermostat set at 68°F: a cooler place retains more moisture.

“7) Don’t go without a warm and thick coat and don’t forget your hat, scarf and gloves.”

All those suggestions being said, there are many other ways to keep your body in a healthy condition. There are both natural and medical things to help your body. reported, “Prescription drugs like Tamiflu and Relenza can shorten flu infections by a day, if you start taking them within 48 hours after symptoms appear.”

For the more natural way to keep your immune system in check, says you need your daily dose of “wellness:” “The health-preserving concoction consists of equal parts: Freshly juiced lemon (antiseptic and high in Vitamin C), freshly juiced ginger (for digestion and improved circulation), six drops of garlic extract (high in antioxidants and immune-booster), three drops of oregano extract (antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal).”

Regardless if you are a doctor goer or a naturalist nut, there are many things to be done to keep you healthy. And if you still do get sick, just remember that spring is only 20 weeks away.

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