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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to color, cut, eat snacks, read stories, and just play around with preschool aged children and get college credit? Jessica Holdaway knows all about it, but does more than just play. Holdaway is the dedicated student leader over Head Start in Price and spends numerous hours serving the teachers and children. She loves the children she serves and the children adore her. A real connection has been made between them.

To qualify for Head Start, the child must have a disability or live in a low-income home. These children are in definite need of an extra helping hand and support to gain the skills and desire to excel in elementary. Who better to assist the center in that cause than Holdaway?

The Head Start director, Gerri Madrid, couldn't say enough good things about Jessica. She adds, "she is always smiling and positive. She calls the teachers and asks them what they need [helps them] and always says, 'If you ever need anything, just give me a call.'" True devotion lies within the humility shown by putting others before you, something Jessica clearly demonstrates.

Being a leader is no easy task. It takes much time and energy to find volunteers, acquiring tasks for them to complete, and setting aside time to volunteer. Her devotion to this project is very apparent through the success she has attained. Between her five volunteers and herself, they have completed around 100 hours a month, each month, last semester!

Not only does she contribute a portion of her time to serving with the SUN Center, supporting fellow leaders, and is a full-time student, but she also serves as executive assistant on ASCEU. Being an executive assistant additionally involves time to complete her job, attend meetings, and support other members on ASCEU with their projects and activities.

Jessica is committed to making a difference in the lives of others, one day at a time. Many admire how busy she keeps, but how it doesn't seem to affect her; a cheerful attitude and smiling face can always be found.

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