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Former Carbon County Deputy and corrections officer Scott Henrie returns to the College of Eastern Utah to teach classes in the criminal justice department.

Henrie was born and raised just outside of Ogden, Utah, and completed an associate's degree in science from CEU, a bachelor's degree from Weber State University, and is working on his master's degree.

Previously Henrie worked for the Carbon County Sheriff's Department from 1985-1992 and then in 1992, started to work for the State of Utah Department of Corrections as an agent. Henrie became the Eastern Utah Region administrator for probation and parole and also started teaching a self-defense class at CEU. Henrie has taught other courses at CEU as well, so for those of you who have been at CEU in the past, you probably already know Henrie.

When asked how Henrie got started in the law enforcement filed he replied, "My mother's uncle was a trooper and that sparked my interest initially, then I married into a law enforcement family and that is when I decided to go into law enforcement." His wife's family is involved in both the highway patrol and with the State of Utah Department of Corrections.

Henrie and his family came to the Price area when he was hired on at the Carbon County Sheriff's Department. In his spare time Henrie enjoys driving his jeep in Moab and keeping up with his four grandchildren.

The scariest incident for Henrie as an officer occurred in 1994 when he was traveling on Highway 6 and was the first person on the scene of a head-on collision. A Jeep and a motor home were involved with a total of nine people in both vehicles; five of those people died at the scene. Henrie states, "The scariest thing was trying to keep track of the people and do what you could do with no medical supplies."

Henrie hopes to expand CEU's criminal justice department and make it the best in the state. His advice to students is to explore different aspects of the field before making any final decisions and would like students to know that there are several different careers that tie into the criminal justice field other than just law enforcement. Henrie states, "It is not for everybody, but it's a very rewarding field.

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