Green across CEU campus

College continues to be more "green"
Posted Friday, October 8, 2010 - 2:06pm

What are you doing as a student to keep our campus green? You may ask, “What does going green mean?” It means that you as an individual adopts an ecological attitude and applies environment friendly attitude in our everyday lives.

Recycling can be easy, it just takes a little thoughtfulness, effort and creativity on everyone’s part. You must remember, every effort counts. By recycling, not only are you protecting the environment, you are saving money and resources for your community, Plus securing the future of our descendents.

The SUN Center “Green Team” from last year collected paper from College of Eastern Utah offices and gave it to “R& J Recycling.” With the amount of paper that was recycled from campus, 17 trees were saved, said SUN Center director Kathy Murray.

Ryan Ware was the student leader for Recycling 2009-2010 and the CEU Green Team Club president. The SUN Center had containers for aluminum cans which were donated to the Habitat for Humanity to be used in Emery County on the home they were building.

Pop tabs were collected and donated to the Ronald McDonald House in Salt Lake City. The Ronald McDonald house provides a place for the parents of ill children to stay while their child is staying at the hospital. Many families from the Price area have been helped by this project.

In the CEU cafeteria, biodegradable paper plates and to-go boxes are being used. The purpose is that we are trying to eliminate styrofoam, which is not environmentally friendly.

The cafeteria would switch paper cups as well but there is a contract between Sacco Dining Services and the Pepsi Cola Co. said Becky Archibald, director of dining services.

“The trays have been returned because we have heated plates and did not want people to injure themselves. The hotline plates are kept at a constant temperature of 160 degrees.” says Archibald.

At the beginning of the academic year, the trays were not to be used to carry plates to help saving on dishwashing.

Even the soap being used in dishwasher is an Ecolab product. Ecolab is the global leader in cleaning, sanitizing, food safety and infection prevention products and services.

The campus would be recycling cardboard boxes, however after a meeting last year to consider purchasing a cardboard crusher machine, it was decided that the machine would not be efficient as well as too costly. If students would like to get rid of unwanted cardboard there are locations at Wal-Mart or Albertson’s that will take them off your hands, said Archibald.

This year the recycling movement has taken a new step forward and is expanding. Dean of Students Dr. Alex Herzog, student government and the resident halls have joined with the Price City Green Team to purchase a trailer made for recycling. The Price City Green Team came to campus and had a table during club rush.

The SUN Center continues collecting paper from USU-CEU offices. They are continually looking for people to help with this service to the college community. The resident halls will be participating in new and varied recycling activities. All groups involved plan to help make USU-CEU number one in college campus recycling said Murray.

“The future of recycling is great, everyone needs to remember they are part of the success of protecting our resources and environment and must do their part,” said Murray.

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