Graduation percentages of CEU student athletes

Posted Thursday, November 13, 2008 - 5:46pm

College of Eastern Utah athletes scored 100 percent in graduating sophomores in both men's basketball and women's volleyball spring semester 2008. The baseball program had 92 percent of its sophomores graduate and women's basketball graduated 60 percent of its sophomores.

Men's basketball had four of its four sophomores graduate, volleyball had four-for-four graduate, baseball had 13 of its 14 athletes graduate while women's basketball had three of its five sophomores graduate.

The women's volleyball program had the highest team grade point average at 3.63, followed by baseball at 3.18, women's basketball 3.17 and men's basketball 2.96.

The men's basketball program had the best record last year, finishing the conference in third place with a 8-7 record under first-year head coach Chris Craig. The three other programs each finished fifth ahead of Colorado Northwestern Community College with volleyball going 2-8, women's basketball 4-11 and baseball 7-33.

During the 07-08 academic year, Darington Hobson was named third team All-American as a freshman with CEU having four academic All-American athletes; one in women's basketball, one in volleyball and two in baseball.

The Eagles had several athletes transfer to play at several four-year colleges and universities including

Athletic Director David Paur announced that CEU will host the first region basketball tournament ever at CEU in 2010. "In the past the tournament has always been hosted by the team with the best regular season record. With the amount of outside money being infused into the host school's economy (estimated $450,000), the region officials decided to place the tournament on a rotating basis. This year's tournament will still be hosted by the team with the best record."

Paur added that head baseball Coach Scott Madsen has secured $48,000 for improvements on the Colosimo/Carlson Baseball Field. The money will be used for a new scoreboard, heating units for the grandstand and dugouts, a hitters' eye in the outfield, new back-stop screen and wind screen for the entire field.

He also talked about how the athletic budget is getting smaller due to increase in tuition, board and travel. "The motor pool purchased two 21-passenger buses that will keep travel cost down. The Eagle bus has been a work horse for the college but needs a new engine."

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